Aug 15 2011

Guest Appearances on Blue October’s Any Man In America

There are four guest appearances on Any Man In America. I’ve posted about two of them before but I thought I’d do one post with information on all of them.

The first appearance is Steve Schlitz from Hurricane Bells.

Steve has a history with Blue October. He’s opened for them on several tours as Longwave and Hurricane Bells. He played guitar on several tracks on Any Man In America. Steve posted this video of being in studio recording The Feel Again (Stay).

The next guest appearance is Ray C.

He is on the title track, Any Man In America. Ray C was at all of the Texas Any Man In America concerts. Here is video of him performing with Blue October-

The third guest appearance is Tim Palmer.

Not only did Tim produce and mix the album. He also played guitar on multiple tracks.

The final guest appearance is Patricia Lynn from The Soldier Thread.

Patricia Lynn is the amazing voice that you hear on The Follow Through. Many people got to see she and Justin sing this song on the acoustic tour last Spring.



4 Responses to “Guest Appearances on Blue October’s Any Man In America”

  • dragonfire jones Says:

    wow!! the more i find out about this album, a.d the more i listen, the more i am amazed!

  • Vladimir Says:

    And what about Tim Palmer on guitar?

  • MissTara Says:

    I have been listening to the cd all morning. I almost feel bad for saying this, but I am not that impressed. I think that the music/melodies are extremely good but the lyrics…I diddnt care to listen to the bashing of his ex (weather she deserves it or not). To me it seems like most of the songs tell the same story. =(