Mar 22 2013

Pollstar’s Q&A with Justin Furstenfeld

Pollstar has posted a great Q&A with Justin where they discuss the upcoming solo tour, the personal nature of his lyrics, mental illness and much, much more.

The 2012 European tour as well as the upcoming tour  are described as a combination of spoken word, a reading from your book, a Q&A and an acoustic set.  How much time to you devote to each element?

Depends on how it feels.  I never get enough time to talk to people.  I hate calling them “fans.”  I like to just call them people who listen to our music and respect us enough to support us.  I’ve never taken the time to do something where I can actually get something from them and say, “Well, this is something you’ve always wondered about.  Let me go and answer that for you.’

What I’m probably going to do is get a hat and have them ask questions and walk in and draw questions from the hat.  Whether or not it’s too personal or not too personal, it doesn’t matter.  I’ll answer as honestly as I can.  Just talk to them about how the songs came about.  The one thing I get from people listening to us is tons and tons of mail … how it affected them and how they … would love to sit and chat [about] how they understand how maybe I got there.  Devote the in between times of songs to those things, tell them little stories.

It’s also a chance for me to finally, while Blue October is working on their album, to get this book out.  I don’t want to compete with the time dedicated to the new album.  We’re going to have two months of downtime and I have a wonderful wife who goes on the road with me. So I was like, “Why don’t we just go on the road and get to know these people more and tell them ‘thank you so much’ for everything they have done for us?” And in return do some shows while we’re out there.  Meet with some radio people while we’re out there to make sure we’re all still good with everybody.

If we were to ask someone who has been with you these last few years about the biggest change in your life, what do you think that person would say?

He loves himself.  The last 10 months I’ve been able to understand what’s important.  And that’s not me.  I’m not the only thing in this world.  I’m not the only thing that’s going on.  There are other people around me.  Because of that and because of things I can admit that I’ve done wrong and because of the amends I can make and because of the fact that I don’t have to live my life by dragging this ship.  I have a higher power who runs this ship.  The fact that I can actually sit back and go, “You’re a good person, Justin.  Stop giving yourself such a fucking hard time.  Stop being so over dramatic about everything that goes on in your life.  Everybody’s got problems, bro.”  The fact that I can notice that and recognize that makes me love myself.  That might sound odd, but I like being able to like myself. So my kids can see that in my eyes instead of self-hatred.

Read the entire interview here.



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