Apr 15 2013

Dallas Examiner Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

Jeff Resta, the Dallas Concert Photography Examiner, interviewed Justin. They talked about the Open Book tour, the new album, Crazy Making and much more.

JEFF: I am a big fan of stripped down live music and combining different mediums, that makes it very unique. How has it been going so far?

JUSTIN: So far its been great. Its been selling out everywhere and people are showing up, I have been surprised. Its also been touching. People seeing that there is a good way to live, very different than previous tours. The point of this tour was to show there is a positive way to live. That I am not always having to be the victim. I am a survivor too. I am no longer looking for approval and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

JEFF: It’s got to be tough being in the hot seat like that. The center of attention without the band to help support. Are you enjoying it?

JUSTIN: I love it. Exactly, I love being in the hot seat. This tour is about being as honest as I can be. I am on the same level as everyone. Its different every time depending on the audience and the Q&A portion. Its just me, a couch, my guitar, my coffee and my book.

JEFF: I enjoyed reading your book. It added a lot of what your fans and I like to see with great insight into your life. It’s a huge accomplishment and shows an enormous catalog of music as well. What has this experience been like for you?

JUSTIN: It’s been challenging too. Its been hell and its been beautiful. I’ve learned how to be better.

Read the entire interview here.




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