Apr 11 2013

Newstime interviews Justin Furstenfeld

Newstime has posted an interview they did with Justin. In the interview he talks about the Open Book tour, the new album, Any Man In America and much more.

Tell me more about the current tour which goes hand in hand with the release of the book. What catalog of music do you draw from?

What I’m basically doing is going all the way back to the first album (The Answers) and playing 2 tracks from every album up till now. In between the songs I read the intro from the book I give a brief explanation of where I was at that given time, When we get to the FOILED album I explain how the downward spiral started, through APPROACHING NORMAL, and ANY MAN IN AMERICA. After that I open it up to the audience for any questions they might have, followed by 7 or 8 songs that I never released because they were either too obscure, or didn’t fit any of the previous albums, I conclude with a sneak peek at several songs from the upcoming album, and where I’m at today. It takes them on a journey of where the band started up to where we are currently, and shows them that this isn’t a sad story, I’m not a victim, but a survivor.

How much of what you write become BLUE OCTOBER songs?

I first and foremost write for BLUE OCTOBER, When we started this current record we looked at approximately 60 + songs and narrowed it down to 16 or 17 that we actually recorded. At that time we listen through and pick the ones that best fit the theme of the record. Songs such as BEEN DOWN, and X AMOUNT OF WORDS were songs I had written in high school but didn’t make an album till many years later for that very reason.

Is it fair to say that the new record picks up where HISTORY FOR SALE, or FOILED left off?

The new record is it’s own thing, every release is different in it’s own way. As opposed to the last two albums this one isn’t focused primarily on me, it is all about the songs themselves. I specifically said to the guys I want to make this record not about me, we wanted to make songs that made us smile while we were listening to them. I’ll be making records for the rest of my life, I’m blessed to be able to do it with the guys I have around me.

Read the entire interview here.



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