Apr 11 2013

OnMilwaukee.com Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

Molly Synder from OnMilwaukee.com interviewed Justin about the Open Book tour, the effects of fatherhood on his art, touring with family and more.

Molly: How has being a dad affected your art?

Justin: It’s made my art more intense. It’s opened the door to a whole other realm of my own inncence from when I was a kid. I lost it along the way, and when I had a child it opened that door back up. It’s really something else to go back and live through someone else instead of yourself.

Molly: What appeals to you about spoken word versus singing with a band?

Justin: I love the stripped-down. During this tour, I might start playing and stop and start speaking the words and then start playing again. People see that it’s actually thoughts and feelings – not just composed “cat and the hat on the mat.”

These shows are so quiet. It’s really nice to have evenings like this. It’s like a meditation. And yet it’s really intense, real.

Last night we had 500 in Denver and it seemed like people really understood it was coming from the heart.

Molly: What should fans expect from the show?

Justin: Very honest stories about where (my music and art) came from. Then the audience can write down questions, I usually get about 50, and I get some crazy questions and I answer them as truthfully and honestly as I can. Often, they don’t make me look very good, but I don’t care anymore. It’s about putting it out there in the open.

Read the whole interview here.



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