Apr 16 2013

SoundSpike Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

SoundSpike has posted an excellent Q&A with Justin. He talks about the Open Book tour, writing Crazy Making,  gave some great details about new album and much more.

What did you learn in writing the book?

How much I’ve grown and where I don’t want to go again. I’m glad I was so honest with the negative parts of my life. They’re pretty embarrassing. They’re pretty out there. When I read it back I’m kind of like, “Whew, man, that’s a growth spurt right there.” I think that’s what I learned the most. I know what I don’t want to be and what I want to continue to be.

Was the book a difficult journey for you?

Life itself, yeah. Noting it down was the only thing that was saving me. Life in general was a difficult journey. My whole career has been one big life story of how hard it was. Now it’s not like that. Life doesn’t have to be that hard if you just recognize there are beautiful miracles out there everywhere. So now it wasn’t hard for me. It was easy.

How’s it selling so far?

Great. We’re almost sold out of it. It keeps selling. I’m just more proud because I finally have something I did by myself and I can go, “OK, it’s true. It’s honest. It’s great.”

How did your family react to the book?

Don’t know yet [he said making a squeamish face]. It only came out four days ago. They haven’t gotten a copy yet. They’ll love me unconditionally.

They’ll probably be very proud of you.

Oh, thank you. My wife read it the other night on the bus and I came in there and she was crying. I said, “You all right?” She said, “I just read your book. “

Read the entire interview here.



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