May 2 2013

Cleveland Scene Magazine Q&A with Justin Furstenfeld

Cleveland Scene Magazine has posted an interview with Justin. They talked about the current tour, the new album and more.

You’re mid-way through the tour. How has it been going?

It’s going pretty good. I was pretty nervous at the beginning. It’s completely different. It’s more of a spoken word and storytelling and performance art and question and answer type of thing with songs that speak to the time periods of when things happened. It’s been spiritually uplifting. There’s no drama attached to it. It’s just me and the people who have supported me for what seems like hundreds of years. It’s just about putting the bad things behind us and moving on into the future. It’s been a moment of clarity.

What is the most challenging part of doing shows that are part music and part conversation?

Drunk people. They tend to get really, really excited. God bless them. Sometimes, people get a little out of hand and I have to give the nod and have them kicked out. It’s not a time for rock ‘n’ roll; it’s a totally different setting and I won’t have the respect I want to give people overshadowed by someone who gets out of hand. Other than, it’s pretty much smooth. I get questions every night and some are off-the-wall and some are just really beautiful. You never know what’s going to happen and that’s what I love about it.

What’s the craziest question someone has asked so far?

They don’t ask boxers or briefs. They ask about my biggest fear in life and mine is using drugs again. So when I answer that question honestly, that opens up a whole other realm of questions that I have to look at honestly. Most people think that after the “Hate Me” song that I’ve been practicing sobriety and I was for a while then I fell off the wagon. I’m pretty honest about that on stage. I take the time to answer the questions with so much honesty. I’m not looking for approval. I’m looking for more, “He’s just like us. He’s not that nice. He’s not this great guy.” I’m the blind leading the blind. It’s really humbling, and I love it.

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One Response to “Cleveland Scene Magazine Q&A with Justin Furstenfeld”

  • Shawn Says:

    No more “wah-wah-wah” on this new album? Thank god. That was the only downside of Blue October, the constant themes of depression, broken hearts, drugs and self-pity. I know that is why many people fell in love with them but that isn’t for me. I love Blue October because they make the most amazing music in the world.