May 5 2014

Digital Tour Bus Invades the Blue October Bus

While Blue October was in Illinois last month for the Sway Tour Justin gave Digital Tour Bus a tour of Blue October’s bus. If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of their bus looks like, here’s your chance. Check out the video below.

Justin shares a touring story-

Justin’s top five touring tips

Who would be on Justin’s dream tour?

Blue October’s pre-show ritual-



One Response to “Digital Tour Bus Invades the Blue October Bus”

  • Kim Says:

    Thanks for sharing your lives and bus guys, even just a little glimpse into the lives of my idols means the world to me and I’m certain they are many others that agree with me. Stay beautiful as you guys are and be blessed as you bless us with your music and poetry. For all you’ve done I thank you, for saving my life countless times I thank you, for being the angels behind the saving words, I love you, looking forward to seeing you in Albuquerque very soon!♥