About Me

I blame this website on this woman-

I read a book about vampires and werewolves and found so much more. Stephenie Meyer wrote the Twilight Saga. She publishes playlists with the songs that she writes to.  One of the groups that is frequently on her lists is Blue October.  I had never heard of Blue October before downloading Stephenie’s playlists.  I found myself listening to the Blue October songs more than any of the other songs on the playlists but I don’t think I had recognized that I was a fan yet.  Then something happened that made me go from casual fan to obsessed wanna-be-groupie. Stephenie Meyer had a book tour for Breaking Dawn and she had Justin Furstenfeld come and sing songs from her playlists.  I attended the LA concert and from the moment Justin walked onto stage I was hooked.

After the Breaking Dawn concert I purchased every Blue October album available, lurked on their official message boards and spent countless hours watching videos on YouTube.  Then the Approaching Normal tour dates were announced and Blue October was coming to Salt Lake City, Utah.  I was ecstatic!!

March 31, 2009- a day that changed me forever (I know it sounds dramatic but I’m a bit of a drama queen, so that’s normal 😉 )

After seeing Blue October live I was a goner.  The need to read, hear and see everything possible about Blue October got even worse than it was before and got to the point that it needed an outlet. So here I am starting a fansite to hopefully satiate my thirst for all things Blue October. My goal is to create a one stop spot to find news, videos and interviews related to Blue October.

This site is definitely a work in progress, so please be patient with me.