Matt Noveskey

These are interviews with Matt Noveskey prior to the start of this site in December of 2009. Interviews since then can be found here.

August 2009 88 Miles West- Interview:  Blue October

7/29/2009 (For some reason this clip is 10 minutes long but the audio only goes to about 7 minutes)

A write-up of this interview can be found here.

4/2/2009 Aguilar Amplification: Matt Noveskey: Inside the Gear Room

3/25/09 In this Week: Blue October Celebrates Their fifth Studio Album and a Nod from Stephenie Meyer

12/30/2008 Blue October Expands Reach On New Album

7/14/2008 Squier Guitars: New Squier Bass for Fire-Stricken Texas Teen

9/07 Warwick Bass Matt Noveskey

7/13/07 LiveDaily: Blue October’s perseverance starts paying dividends

4/1/07 Blue October connects with fans through powerful lyrics, unusual music

2/1/07 The Marquee: Blue October nears platinum with Foiled after being dropped from Universal

11/2006 Recoil: Blue October

11/2006 Blue October Plays Austin for Two Nights in November

2006 Northern Express: Matt Noveskey

Not sure the date on this one- Static Noise: Interview with Matt Noveskey