Jan 27 2016

Justin Furstenfeld Announces Texas Open Book Tour Dates

justin open book

Justin Furstenfeld will be performing four Open Book tour dates in Texas.

Ticketing information can be found on the Blue October website.

Feb 27 2015

Justin Furstenfeld Announces 2015 Open Book Tour

justin furstenfeld open book tourJustin will be continuing the Open Book tour this summer.

Ticketing information can be found here.


Sep 4 2014

RXP 103.9 Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

Justin talked to RXP103.9 in Colorado Springs.  They talked about what to expect at on of his acoustic shows, songwriting, acting, dealing with haters, the Fear video, his influence on fans and much more.


Jul 15 2014

Justin Furstenfeld to Release an Acoustic Album: Songs From An Open Book

songs from an open book

If you follow Justin on Twitter you know that he has been in the studio recording an acoustic album. Until now, all we’ve known is that he has been recording. Now details have been announced via Blue October’s social media pages.

They posted this announcement on Twitter:

New album coming out September 2nd to be presented at the open book shows.

And this announcement on Facebook:

Finally finished this piece of work. So proud . One track of guild acoustic guitar , one track of vocals. The answer , black orchid , angel , schizophrenia , calling you , chameleon boy , sound of pulling heaven down , hate me , any man in America , worry list , fear , not broken anymore.

Here is a complete track list for the album:

songs from an open book

Songs From An Open Book will be available from the Blue October merchandise store, Amazon, iTunes, and other retail outlets. It will also be available to purchase at shows on the Open Book tour.

 Update: The album is now available to pre-order from the Blue October merchandise store. Any pre-order includes an instant download of Angel. There are several pre-order packages available. You can see them here.

The album is also available to pre-order from iTunes and Amazon.

Jul 9 2014

European dates for An Open Book: An Evening with Justin Furstenfeld

justin open bookEuropean dates have been announced for An Open Book: An Evening with Justin Furstenfeld-

All ticketing information can be found here.



Jun 25 2014

Justin Furstenfeld announces 2014 Open Book Tour

justin furstenfeld open book tour

Justin will be going on a solo acoustic tour this Fall. Ashleigh Stone, who has toured with Justin acoustically and with Blue October in the past, will be joining him again on the tour. The dates for the 2014 Open Book Tour are:

All ticketing information, including meet and greet passes, can be found here.

Here is a brief description of what the shows will be like:

The shows will consist of spoken word, a question-and-answer session, and an acoustic set of intimate versions of fan-favorite Blue October songs. The evening will focus on breaking down the walls between artist and audience, and will provide fans with the most access to Justin ever available.

May 9 2013

ChicagoNow Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

Justin talked to ChicagoNow about the Open Book tour, the new album, hitting rock bottom, making amends and more.

May 2 2013

Cleveland Scene Magazine Q&A with Justin Furstenfeld

Cleveland Scene Magazine has posted an interview with Justin. They talked about the current tour, the new album and more.

You’re mid-way through the tour. How has it been going?

It’s going pretty good. I was pretty nervous at the beginning. It’s completely different. It’s more of a spoken word and storytelling and performance art and question and answer type of thing with songs that speak to the time periods of when things happened. It’s been spiritually uplifting. There’s no drama attached to it. It’s just me and the people who have supported me for what seems like hundreds of years. It’s just about putting the bad things behind us and moving on into the future. It’s been a moment of clarity.

What is the most challenging part of doing shows that are part music and part conversation?

Drunk people. They tend to get really, really excited. God bless them. Sometimes, people get a little out of hand and I have to give the nod and have them kicked out. It’s not a time for rock ‘n’ roll; it’s a totally different setting and I won’t have the respect I want to give people overshadowed by someone who gets out of hand. Other than, it’s pretty much smooth. I get questions every night and some are off-the-wall and some are just really beautiful. You never know what’s going to happen and that’s what I love about it.

What’s the craziest question someone has asked so far?

They don’t ask boxers or briefs. They ask about my biggest fear in life and mine is using drugs again. So when I answer that question honestly, that opens up a whole other realm of questions that I have to look at honestly. Most people think that after the “Hate Me” song that I’ve been practicing sobriety and I was for a while then I fell off the wagon. I’m pretty honest about that on stage. I take the time to answer the questions with so much honesty. I’m not looking for approval. I’m looking for more, “He’s just like us. He’s not that nice. He’s not this great guy.” I’m the blind leading the blind. It’s really humbling, and I love it.

Read the entire article here.

Apr 17 2013

InsideSTL interviews Justin Furstenfeld

In the 3+ years I’ve been running this fan site I’ve come to know which media outlets are going to get the best interviews and write the best reviews. Justin Boyd, who writes for InsideSTL.com, is one of those people. It is obvious from his reviews and interviews that he is a Blue October fan. My theory is that someone who is a fan asks more sincere questions which results in a better interview.

Justin had a chance to interview Justin while he was in St. Louis for the Open Book tour. They talked about the tour, writing Crazy Making, connecting with fans, sobriety, Any Man In America, the new album and much more.

 You can read Justin’s review of the show here.

Apr 16 2013

SoundSpike Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

SoundSpike has posted an excellent Q&A with Justin. He talks about the Open Book tour, writing Crazy Making,  gave some great details about new album and much more.

What did you learn in writing the book?

How much I’ve grown and where I don’t want to go again. I’m glad I was so honest with the negative parts of my life. They’re pretty embarrassing. They’re pretty out there. When I read it back I’m kind of like, “Whew, man, that’s a growth spurt right there.” I think that’s what I learned the most. I know what I don’t want to be and what I want to continue to be.

Was the book a difficult journey for you?

Life itself, yeah. Noting it down was the only thing that was saving me. Life in general was a difficult journey. My whole career has been one big life story of how hard it was. Now it’s not like that. Life doesn’t have to be that hard if you just recognize there are beautiful miracles out there everywhere. So now it wasn’t hard for me. It was easy.

How’s it selling so far?

Great. We’re almost sold out of it. It keeps selling. I’m just more proud because I finally have something I did by myself and I can go, “OK, it’s true. It’s honest. It’s great.”

How did your family react to the book?

Don’t know yet [he said making a squeamish face]. It only came out four days ago. They haven’t gotten a copy yet. They’ll love me unconditionally.

They’ll probably be very proud of you.

Oh, thank you. My wife read it the other night on the bus and I came in there and she was crying. I said, “You all right?” She said, “I just read your book. “

Read the entire interview here.

Apr 16 2013

Q102 interviews Justin Furstenfeld

Justin stopped by Q102 in Springfield, Missouri. He and the DJ talked briefly about the tour and then he performed Calling You.

Apr 15 2013

Dallas Examiner Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

Jeff Resta, the Dallas Concert Photography Examiner, interviewed Justin. They talked about the Open Book tour, the new album, Crazy Making and much more.

JEFF: I am a big fan of stripped down live music and combining different mediums, that makes it very unique. How has it been going so far?

JUSTIN: So far its been great. Its been selling out everywhere and people are showing up, I have been surprised. Its also been touching. People seeing that there is a good way to live, very different than previous tours. The point of this tour was to show there is a positive way to live. That I am not always having to be the victim. I am a survivor too. I am no longer looking for approval and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

JEFF: It’s got to be tough being in the hot seat like that. The center of attention without the band to help support. Are you enjoying it?

JUSTIN: I love it. Exactly, I love being in the hot seat. This tour is about being as honest as I can be. I am on the same level as everyone. Its different every time depending on the audience and the Q&A portion. Its just me, a couch, my guitar, my coffee and my book.

JEFF: I enjoyed reading your book. It added a lot of what your fans and I like to see with great insight into your life. It’s a huge accomplishment and shows an enormous catalog of music as well. What has this experience been like for you?

JUSTIN: It’s been challenging too. Its been hell and its been beautiful. I’ve learned how to be better.

Read the entire interview here.


Apr 11 2013

OnMilwaukee.com Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

Molly Synder from OnMilwaukee.com interviewed Justin about the Open Book tour, the effects of fatherhood on his art, touring with family and more.

Molly: How has being a dad affected your art?

Justin: It’s made my art more intense. It’s opened the door to a whole other realm of my own inncence from when I was a kid. I lost it along the way, and when I had a child it opened that door back up. It’s really something else to go back and live through someone else instead of yourself.

Molly: What appeals to you about spoken word versus singing with a band?

Justin: I love the stripped-down. During this tour, I might start playing and stop and start speaking the words and then start playing again. People see that it’s actually thoughts and feelings – not just composed “cat and the hat on the mat.”

These shows are so quiet. It’s really nice to have evenings like this. It’s like a meditation. And yet it’s really intense, real.

Last night we had 500 in Denver and it seemed like people really understood it was coming from the heart.

Molly: What should fans expect from the show?

Justin: Very honest stories about where (my music and art) came from. Then the audience can write down questions, I usually get about 50, and I get some crazy questions and I answer them as truthfully and honestly as I can. Often, they don’t make me look very good, but I don’t care anymore. It’s about putting it out there in the open.

Read the whole interview here.

Apr 11 2013

Newstime interviews Justin Furstenfeld

Newstime has posted an interview they did with Justin. In the interview he talks about the Open Book tour, the new album, Any Man In America and much more.

Tell me more about the current tour which goes hand in hand with the release of the book. What catalog of music do you draw from?

What I’m basically doing is going all the way back to the first album (The Answers) and playing 2 tracks from every album up till now. In between the songs I read the intro from the book I give a brief explanation of where I was at that given time, When we get to the FOILED album I explain how the downward spiral started, through APPROACHING NORMAL, and ANY MAN IN AMERICA. After that I open it up to the audience for any questions they might have, followed by 7 or 8 songs that I never released because they were either too obscure, or didn’t fit any of the previous albums, I conclude with a sneak peek at several songs from the upcoming album, and where I’m at today. It takes them on a journey of where the band started up to where we are currently, and shows them that this isn’t a sad story, I’m not a victim, but a survivor.

How much of what you write become BLUE OCTOBER songs?

I first and foremost write for BLUE OCTOBER, When we started this current record we looked at approximately 60 + songs and narrowed it down to 16 or 17 that we actually recorded. At that time we listen through and pick the ones that best fit the theme of the record. Songs such as BEEN DOWN, and X AMOUNT OF WORDS were songs I had written in high school but didn’t make an album till many years later for that very reason.

Is it fair to say that the new record picks up where HISTORY FOR SALE, or FOILED left off?

The new record is it’s own thing, every release is different in it’s own way. As opposed to the last two albums this one isn’t focused primarily on me, it is all about the songs themselves. I specifically said to the guys I want to make this record not about me, we wanted to make songs that made us smile while we were listening to them. I’ll be making records for the rest of my life, I’m blessed to be able to do it with the guys I have around me.

Read the entire interview here.

Mar 22 2013

Pollstar’s Q&A with Justin Furstenfeld

Pollstar has posted a great Q&A with Justin where they discuss the upcoming solo tour, the personal nature of his lyrics, mental illness and much, much more.

The 2012 European tour as well as the upcoming tour  are described as a combination of spoken word, a reading from your book, a Q&A and an acoustic set.  How much time to you devote to each element?

Depends on how it feels.  I never get enough time to talk to people.  I hate calling them “fans.”  I like to just call them people who listen to our music and respect us enough to support us.  I’ve never taken the time to do something where I can actually get something from them and say, “Well, this is something you’ve always wondered about.  Let me go and answer that for you.’

What I’m probably going to do is get a hat and have them ask questions and walk in and draw questions from the hat.  Whether or not it’s too personal or not too personal, it doesn’t matter.  I’ll answer as honestly as I can.  Just talk to them about how the songs came about.  The one thing I get from people listening to us is tons and tons of mail … how it affected them and how they … would love to sit and chat [about] how they understand how maybe I got there.  Devote the in between times of songs to those things, tell them little stories.

It’s also a chance for me to finally, while Blue October is working on their album, to get this book out.  I don’t want to compete with the time dedicated to the new album.  We’re going to have two months of downtime and I have a wonderful wife who goes on the road with me. So I was like, “Why don’t we just go on the road and get to know these people more and tell them ‘thank you so much’ for everything they have done for us?” And in return do some shows while we’re out there.  Meet with some radio people while we’re out there to make sure we’re all still good with everybody.

If we were to ask someone who has been with you these last few years about the biggest change in your life, what do you think that person would say?

He loves himself.  The last 10 months I’ve been able to understand what’s important.  And that’s not me.  I’m not the only thing in this world.  I’m not the only thing that’s going on.  There are other people around me.  Because of that and because of things I can admit that I’ve done wrong and because of the amends I can make and because of the fact that I don’t have to live my life by dragging this ship.  I have a higher power who runs this ship.  The fact that I can actually sit back and go, “You’re a good person, Justin.  Stop giving yourself such a fucking hard time.  Stop being so over dramatic about everything that goes on in your life.  Everybody’s got problems, bro.”  The fact that I can notice that and recognize that makes me love myself.  That might sound odd, but I like being able to like myself. So my kids can see that in my eyes instead of self-hatred.

Read the entire interview here.