Feb 5 2013

Opening for An Open Book: An Evening with Justin Furstenfeld

There will be two different artists opening for Justin’s solo tour. The first half of the tour (April 4-April 19) Tori Vasquez will be opening. Tori opened for Justin’s solo European tour in 2012.

Tori Vasquez

Tori Vasquez

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For the second half of the tour (May 1-May 18) Ashleigh Stone will be opening. Ashleigh was one of the opening acts for the Any Man In America tour. You can read her blog post about the tour here.

Ashleigh Stone

Ashleigh Stone

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Jan 25 2013

Justin Furstenfeld on the Open Book Tour

I’ve seen this quote from Justin on multiple websites announcing An Open Book: An Evening with Justin Furstenfeld. I’ve tried to track down an interview that it came but haven’t been able to find one. I’m assuming that it was in the press release that was sent out about the tour.

 “I always look forward to the spoken word/solo shows,” said Furstenfeld. “The fact that I’m sitting just a few feet away from the audience, that there are no rules as to what they ask me, or that I don’t have boundaries on my answers, is what is exciting to me. I’m hoping that the evening will give everyone a chance to dig deep, connect, and explore the dark corners of why honesty, no matter how brutal, remains one of the most beautiful aspects of being human. Through poetry, music, and conversation, we heal. Why not do it together.”

These concerts sound like they are going to be incredible. Anyone want to buy me a plane ticket to one of the cities where there is a concert? 😉

Jan 15 2013

An Open Book: An Evening with Justin Furstenfeld

Justin Furstenfeld

Justin is going on a solo tour to promote the 3rd edition of Crazy Making.

Blue October frontman Justin Furstenfeld has announced plans for a solo tour dubbed “An Open Book: An Evening With Justin Furstenfeld Of Blue October” to promote the release of the expanded 3rd Edition of his book of lyrics and writings dubbed “Crazy Making” due out April 1, 2013.

The shows will consist of spoken word, rounded off with a question-and-answer session, and will also include an acoustic set of songs never before heard and intimate versions of favorites. The evening will focus on breaking down the walls of artist and audience and will provide fans the most access to Justin ever.

Stay tuned to BlueOctober.com for more information about the tour and “Crazy Making” book release.

The tour dates and locations are:

Concert and Meet & Greet tickets can be purchased here.