Nov 16 2011

Christina Tatlow: Blue October ‘Say It’ Like It Is

Christina Tatlow interviewed Justin while they were in England. They discussed the evolution of Blue October, Any Man In America, touring in Europe, Justin Beiber, who he’d like to work with, Up/Down Records, what fans don’t know about the band and much more. Read Christina’s write-up from the interview here.

Justin Furstenfeld from Blue October Interview October 2011 by XtinaT

Nov 10 2011

Detriot Live Magazine Interview with Justin Furstenfeld

Detroit Live Magazine has posted a beautiful article reporting on the interview they did with Justin while they were in Detroit for the Any Man In America Tour.

With his angry honest songs, black make-up, painted fingernails, and deep and dark art including poetry and painting, I really had no clue what this interview would hold. Would he be a bitter, dark man, full of scorn and hatred? Would he treat us like any other journalist and photographer, getting us in and out as soon as possible? Would he speak quickly and shortly? Would he hardly speak at all?

I will tell you what I found when I met Justin. I found a man who has more passion and love for his daughter than one could possibly imagine. I found a man, who is a bit tormented, a bit angry, a bit bitter, but a good man, a man with a huge heart who just wants to see his daughter.

I sat on the couch next to Justin and through the entire interview he opened up his chest, took out his heart, and laid it on the table. He spoke honestly, intelligently, and openly about his new album, his beautiful little girl, and his current struggles. At times Justin spoke perhaps a little too honestly and out of my pure respect for him, I am leaving out parts in which would be taken the wrong way by the wrong people. I will tell you one thing though, nothing he said was malicious, hateful, or even rude, but with the sensitive situation he is in, certain statements will be omitted from this article. I will log the most important things Justin said and try and reflect the best I can his truest emotions and feelings.

Read the entire article, which discusses the Any Man In America tour and the motivation behind the album, here.


Oct 30 2011

Justin Furstenfeld interview with Arthur Kade

Arthur Kade talked to Justin about Any Man In America, shared parenting, his custody battle, Twilight, the evolution of Blue October and more.

Oct 24 2011

Tim Palmer talks about working on Any Man In America

Ultimate Guitar has posted their interview with producer Tim Palmer. In the interview he talked about working on Any Man In America.

Who have been some of the artists you’ve enjoyed working with the most in the studio?

I have a different experience with every project. I learn something new from every situation that I get involved in. It’s very rewarding to make it through to the end and help an artist reach his vision. It doesn’t always work out, but when it does, it’s a great feeling. 

I recently produced ‘Any Man In America’ with Justin from Blue October and right from out first meeting I knew it was going to be a creative and challenging process. He was documenting the collapse of his marriage and his struggle to get his fair share of custody of his daughter. We wanted it to be a brutally honest version of his story. The album took us through quite a few styles of music and was a roller coaster ride the whole way. Alongside the usual production and mixing duties I also got to play guitar on the album and do some co-writing. I felt we were all one big team. My three year old daughter even drew an image of Justin that became the album cover. That was a great album to be part of.

You can read the entire interview here.

Oct 21 2011

Street Date Music interviews Justin Furstenfeld

Street Date Radio talked to Justin about the inspiratin behind the album name Any Man In America, Up/Down Records, working with Tim Palmer, making music videos, what a first time Blue October concert attendee should expect and more.

SD: We hear there’s a cute story behind the drawing on the album cover — care to share it?
JF: Yeah its real cute. Tim’s daughter, Bluebelle, so happened to be my daughter’s first play date on one of her rare visits. After which, Bluebelle drew a portrait of what she saw me as. And called me “UP/DOWN” – which became the name of my record label.

SD: What was it like to work with producer Tim Palmer, and were you familiar with his body of work prior to starting this album project?
JF: Uh…David Bowie? Uh…Pearl Jam? Who isn’t? And the sweet accent of his. Combined with his humbling coolness set the vibe for the album itself. Seeing as if everyday I entered the studio, it was like he was Johnny Marr and I was Morrissey. Subsequently, he played all the guitars on our album so he could be cooler Johnny Marr in my book.

Read the entire interview here.

Oct 11 2011

Backstage Entertainment Interviews Matt Noveskey

Backstage Entertainment talked to Matt about Any Man In America, his favorite Blue October song, touring, and more. He also answered great fan questions.

You can see pictures from this interview here.


Oct 7 2011 interview with Justin Furstenfeld talked to Justin about recording Any Man In America, the band’s reaction to the album, the honesty in Blue October’s lyrics, working with Tim Palmer, shared parenting, and more.

Love this interview!!! I love it when an interviewer is a Blue October fan. It makes such a difference in the quality of information that comes out of the interview! Justin Boyd also wrote a fantastic review of the St. Louis concert. Read it here.

Oct 5 2011

104.9X interviews Justin Furstenfeld

Fayetteville’s 104.9X interviewed Justin while he was in town for the Any Man In America concert. They talked about Any Man In America, touring in Europe, the influence of Blue October’s music, IAmDynamite, Ashleigh Stone, and more. Justin and Julian also performed an acoustic version of The Chills and Hate Me.


Oct 5 2011

Urban Tulsa: Every Man in America

Urban Tulsa talked to Justin about starting Up/Down Records, touring, shared parenting, his brutal honesty and more.

Furstenfeld’s brutal honesty is exactly what makes him such a refreshing voice in the rock community. “Why not be bluntly honest?” he shared. “You weed out people who don’t like you really quickly and it’s a good way to find out who your friends really are.” When that honesty rings through in the songs as well, it creates a strong bond with the audience, which can be attested to by the band’s following and engaging live shows.

“I’m just trying to be a good dad,” he said in summary. “This is all about shared parenting — and that means 50 percent of the time with each parent. I’m not crazy — If I was, how could I run five companies, keep this band on the road, pay for a house and support my kid? I’ll fight for my little girl to the very end, I can promise you that.”

Read the entire article here.

Oct 5 2011

Noisecreep: Justin Furstenfeld Isn’t Afraid to Reveal His Struggles

Noisecreep has posted an interview with Justin where he talks about how open he is in his lyrics.

“I don’t worry about that at all. I’m not afraid to be open about my struggles. It’s in the past now. The first turmoil in my life was drugs and I lied to everyone around me. I was a total idiot and I can’t believe how I acted during that time period. I finally got passed that.

“The next turmoil was my marriage. I was like, “What the hell did I just do?” But we did have a beautiful baby. God must have put me there for a reason,” says says Furstenfeld who recently launched – a place for fathers, mothers and children who have dealt, or are dealing with, the issues of shared parenting and child custody to find their voice and speak their mind. “But yeah, the turmoil is over and the door is closed on that drama. It’s about starting a new life now.”

Read the entire article here. This is the 4th part of this Noisecreep interview. You can see the other parts of the interview at the bottom of the article.

Sep 15 2011

West Hollywood Patch interview with Matt Noveskey

West Hollywood Patch talked to Matt Noveskey while they were in Los Angeles for the Any Man In America tour. They talked about Any Man In America, Matt’s current favorite bands, and more.

Patch: What is the strangest thing you have ever written a song with?

Noveskey: Justin actually wrote the lyrics to “Ugly Side” on an old pizza box that was littering the floor of our van.

Patch: What has been the most surreal moment of being in Blue October?

Noveskey: Definitely opening for The Rolling Stones

Patch: Who are you favorite bands out today?

Noveskey: Iamdynamite and Band of Horses

Patch: Do you guys have any pre-show rituals?

Noveskey: We always joining hands in a circle and say a short motivational speech followed by us counting down to yelling.

Read the entire article here.

Sep 15 2011

Pure Grain Audio interview with Justin Furstenfeld

Pure Grain Audio talked to Justin about Any Man In America, working with Tim Palmer, the acoustic tour and more.

You’ve released two singles from the album so far, “The Chills” and “The Feel Again (Stay).” Who decides on what singles you release? The band? Or your label?

Justin: We walked away from Universal and I started my own label for this album – Up/Down Records. I invested my own money into it and I have an amazing management company who’s probably the best in the business. Together, we know what’s gonna happen and we kinda know as we’re recording which songs are going to radio and which songs are not.

There are thirteen songs in total on Any Man in America. How many songs did you actually record in total? Was it hard to decide on the final thirteen?

Justin: I demoed about eighty songs over a period of three years. I knew which ones were strongest because they were the songs that would record and finish themselves.

The artwork for the album features a drawing that looks like it was drawn by a young child. Where did you get this drawing from? Is there any concept behind it?

Justin: Bluebelle Palmer [Tim Palmer’s daughter] drew the photo because that’s how she sees me. She calls me “Up/Down.” She is my daughter’s first friend.

When you wrote these songs did you at all think about the live performance as in how they would translate to a live setting?

Justin: Of course I did. We are always conscious of how what we do on record will translate to a live concert setting.

Read the entire interview here.

Sep 5 2011

AZCentral interview with Justin Furstenfeld has posted their interview with Justin. They talked about Any Man In America debuting at #8, the extremely personal lyrics on Any Man In America, and more.

Q: What did you think when you heard that the album had debuted at No. 8, your first Top 10 appearance?

A: I was like, “Why did it do that?” I think it was because of the $3.99 deal at Amazon. But I think this is gonna be a marathon for me. Not like a “Hate Me,” where I’m gonna rope it and ride it for two years, then do an acoustic “Hate Me.” It’s gonna be an album where I want to make a video for every single song. I want to put a book out that explains what is said and what happened. I want to get sued a little bit. I want to get in trouble a little bit so I can get things changed.

Q: Does your daughter know about the album?

A: My daughter doesn’t even know I’m in a band.

Read the entire article here.

Sep 4 2011

Muen Magazine interview with Justin Furstenfeld

Muen Magazine has posted an in-depth interview with Justin. They talked about Any Man In America, working with Ray C and Patricia Lynn, touring with IAmDynamite, and more.


I can’t expect anybody to relate to it.


I felt kind of bad for them that they had to play that stuff. It’s hard to talk about. Some of them have kids. I don’t have any friends right now because people tend to get in trouble when they become my friend right now. She does that to them. A lot of people were hurt in this, mainly my mom, my dad, my brother, my friends and my girlfriend. I can’t tell you the things she has gone through. Her family has been harassed and tortured. It is really sick that I can’t get my daughters grandparents, which is her mom and dad on the phone at all. They will not even speak to me or look at me. I just don’t get it. Right now is not the time for me to make friends because I do not want anyone to get hurt. It does get lonely though. My best friend has helped me through this whole thing. There have been times where my legs gave way because I got news about something that made me so sick that I would fall down. She physically picks me up and I’m a heavy dude.  She is like “Don’t you dare stop!” That is why I had to put the album out.


I feel a lot better that it is not behind a curtain anymore. I don’t have anybody that says “This is so wrong! I need to work on this everyday!” When I was first going through divorce I thought that the legal system would help me, but they are not helping me. They will figure out she is lying. I can see myself being taken away to jail. I keep telling people “Don’t let this happen!” Nobody is doing anything.

Read the entire interview here.


Sep 3 2011

Metromix Q&A with Justin Furstenfeld

Atlanta’s Metromix has posted a Q&A with Justin. They talked about Any Man In America, Hate Me, painting, and more.

After listening to the new Blue October album, I feel like I should give you a hug. Are you doing OK these days?
Yeah I’m doing OK…but it’s one day at a time, y’know?

How much of the outrage on the album is directed at your ex-wife, and how much of it is directed at the institution of divorce itself?

The album is put out as a message to my daughter. The rage that you speak of comes from direct accusations that could harm me and my future with her. Subsequently, I’m having to defend myself from this legal system allowing lawyers to lie for their clients. So I’d rather have my daughter hear the truth—rather than have her get to constantly hear these false accusations that have the potential to keep me away when she needs her daddy the most.

There are a lot of touches of hip-hop on this record. Who are some of your favorite rappers?

I’m really inspired these days by Jay-Z, Eminem, Yelawolf, Paul Wall, 50 Cent, Young Buck, Slim Thug and all the Swishahouse Crew, Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane.

Read the entire Q&A here.