Jun 25 2014

Justin Furstenfeld announces 2014 Open Book Tour

justin furstenfeld open book tour

Justin will be going on a solo acoustic tour this Fall. Ashleigh Stone, who has toured with Justin acoustically and with Blue October in the past, will be joining him again on the tour. The dates for the 2014 Open Book Tour are:

All ticketing information, including meet and greet passes, can be found here.

Here is a brief description of what the shows will be like:

The shows will consist of spoken word, a question-and-answer session, and an acoustic set of intimate versions of fan-favorite Blue October songs. The evening will focus on breaking down the walls between artist and audience, and will provide fans with the most access to Justin ever available.

Feb 5 2013

Opening for An Open Book: An Evening with Justin Furstenfeld

There will be two different artists opening for Justin’s solo tour. The first half of the tour (April 4-April 19) Tori Vasquez will be opening. Tori opened for Justin’s solo European tour in 2012.

Tori Vasquez

Tori Vasquez

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For the second half of the tour (May 1-May 18) Ashleigh Stone will be opening. Ashleigh was one of the opening acts for the Any Man In America tour. You can read her blog post about the tour here.

Ashleigh Stone

Ashleigh Stone

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Oct 29 2011

Ashleigh Stone on Touring with Blue October

The lovely Ashleigh Stone, who was one of the openers for the Any Man In America Tour and sang during The Follow Through, has posted her thoughts about the tour. Here are a couple of exerpts-

If there was ever a knight, or a true chivalrous gentlemen alive in the world, it would be Ryan.Throughout the entire tour, his consideration, his manners, his eloquence, his artistry, reminded me of someone from another time. At some point, I went ahead and accepted the thoughts in my mind that told me he was a literal reincarnation of Mozart. This guy has incredible natural talent, but he has refined his musicality into that of a fine wine…something so close to the Divine…that you can’t help but be moved the details that occur behind one single note that he plays.

Justin, singer for Blue October. “Everyone know that records don’t make money anymore – people are downloading them for free, music is basically free…..What keeps an artist going and successful is that people believe in them. The fans understand who the artist is as a person, and what their message is about, what they’re trying to spread…and whether they are buying a ticket, or a t-shirt, or whatever….they are supporting the message, they are supporting a movement….they are supporting something they see in themselves and believe in and want to stand up for.”

Read the entire blog post here.

You can also find Ashleigh on Facebook and Twitter.

The Follow Through