Jul 8 2012

Charlie Moore interviews Blue October

In 2010 Jeremy was on the Beat Charlie Moore show. Up until this point none of the footage from that show has been online. Now part of an interview with Justin, Jeremy and Ryan and part of the fishing show have been uploaded.

May 17 2010

Jeremy Furstenfeld on ‘Beat Charlie Moore”

In case you missed it the first time (like I did) the episode of Beat Charlie Moore featuring Jeremy Furstenfeld is scheduled to re-air on May 22nd on ESPN. (I guess this is a good time to figure out if I actually get ESPN, isn’t it?) Here’s a description of the show and a teaser trailer of what we can expect. 

Charlie’s got a lot of passions in life, but the one that comes closest to fishing is music, especially the Indie Rock of Texas’ Blue October. Mad Fish will spend some time taking on drummer Jeremy Furstenfeld at a local fishing hole then catch the band perform later at the House of Blues. It’s rock and roll and rods and reels on Beat Charlie Moore!

I’m not sure if these pictures are from the most recent House of Blues concert Charlie went to or another concert but here are some pictures of Charlie backstage at a Blue October concert.

Update: Charlie Moore’s Facebook page posted some behind-the-scenes pictures of the episode with Jeremy. You can see them here.