May 27 2015

Austin Underground Interviews Blue October

Blue October talked to Austin Underground about touring, their upcoming album, the key to staying together so long, songwriting, their favorite song to perform live and much more.

Dec 10 2014

Sneak Peek at Blue October’s Upcoming Documentary

VH1 has posted a short clip from Blue October’s upcoming documentary. A lot of the clips are the same as the sneak peek that was included in the PledgeMusic campaign but there is some new footage included in this version. Every little clip we get from the documentary makes me more excited to see the whole thing. I know it is going to be a phenomenal journey.

Aug 8 2014

How Did I Get Here? Podcast with C.B. Hudson and Matt Noveskey

cb and matt

How Did I Get Here? interviewed C.B. and Matt about Orb Recording Studios. They talked about how the studio came to be, building the studio, producing records, running a studio while touring with Blue October and much more. (the interview with Matt & C.B. starts about 6:40)

Jul 21 2014

94.5 The Buzz Interviews Blue October

Theresa from 94.5 talked to Blue October before . They talked about Blue October fans, Justin’s beard, what’s next for them, and much, much more.

Justin and C.B. also performed Say It and Dirt Room acoustically.

Pictures from Blue October’s performance can be seen here and the acoustic performance here.

Mar 20 2014

AMFM Magazine Interviews Matt Noveskey and C.B. Hudson about Orb Recording Studios

AMFM Magazine talked to Matt and C.B. about Orb Recording Studios. They talked about how the studio came to be, their vision for the future of the studio, recording in Austin, and much more.

Mar 17 2014

Rock 108 Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

When Blue October was in Abilene last week Justin stopped by Rock 108 for an interview. This four part interview is long but it is a great interview so it’s worth the time. They talked about sobriety, Sway, Tori Vasquez, the Bleed Out video, C.B. being back in the band and much more.

Mar 17 2014

Orb Recording Studios Grand Opening Celebration

orb recording studios

Yesterday was the grand opening celebration of C.B. and Matt’s new studio, Orb Recording Studios. The event featured performances by Justin Furstenfeld and Ryan Delahoussaye, Tori Vasquez, Reed Turner, and Quiet Company.

Austin’s KVUE was at the event, here is the story they ran about the studio:

Congratulations to everyone who worked on getting the studio up and running, especially Matt, C.B. and their families!!! 

You can find Orb Recording Studios on the web in the following places:

Official Site – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram

Justin, Matt, C.B. - Orb Recording Studios(image source)

Here is Justin and Ryan’s gorgeous performance of Fear-

Mar 10 2014

Matt Noveskey and C.B. Hudson Open Orb Recording Studios

Matt Noveskey CB Hudson

If you follow this page on any social media sites, you know I’ve been talking about Orb Recording Studios for a while. It wasn’t until I received the following news release about the grand opening that I realized that I hadn’t actually posted about it on the site. Here is the information on the studio, along with some great quotes from Matt and C.B. about why they decided to open a recording studio:

(AUSTIN, TEXAS – March 2014; source: Juice Consulting) Orb Recording Studios is proud to announce its official grand opening on Sunday, March 16, 2014. Located at 9306 Ledgestone Terrace, Austin, Texas 78737, Orb is a 5,600-square-foot facility built from the ground up on an acre of Texas hill country just 25 minutes from downtown Austin. The studio is the vision of co-owners C.B. Hudson (lead guitarist for Blue October) and Matt Noveskey (bassist for Blue October) who sought to merge the quality of renowned East and West-coast studios with the pretense-free vibe of Austin. They have created a studio that will not only accommodate major acts from around the country, but also nurture new artists.

“We want to bring a comfortable and stress-free recording environment to Texas,” said Hudson. “After recording in New York and Los Angeles, we realized that Austin deserved the same type of state-of-the-art-facility, but with a Texas Hill Country vibe. Built by musicians for musicians, we combined all of our favorite attributes from studios around the country and brought them to Orb.”

Orb offers top-notch gear and convertible spaces capable of accommodating any number of players from a solo artist to an orchestra. Studio A consists of a 672-square-foot live space coupled with a 528-square-foot control room including a SSL 6048 E|G+ Console, Ocean Way HR2 Monitors and a 1938 Steinway Baby Grand. Studio B is a 204-square-foot live space with a 255-square-foot control room and an “Amp Wall.” Other amenities include an extensive instrument library and collection of premium new and vintage microphones, a 876-square-foot lounge/kitchenette with two couches, 50″ LED TV, DirecTV, microwave, espresso machine, fridge, wifi, pool table, bumper pool table, a Playstation 3, Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga and Arcade Legends 3 with Golden Tee golf arcade games.

“After years of touring around the globe, we’ve experienced recording in all kinds of studios and we have turned those experiences into a culmination of the cream of the crop,” said Noveskey. “We have gone the extra mile to bring a premium facility to Austin. We believe there is a need and ultimately we want to be an active part of the growth in Austin’s music industry.”

Orb Recording Studios’ state-of-the-art acoustics were designed by Acoustic Spaces owner and chief designer Mark Genfan. A veteran studio architectural and acoustics designer with a background in both engineering and music, Genfan has created many of Texas’ most renowned recording and production spaces, including Tequila Mockingbird and filmmaker Robert Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios. Wiring and audio electronics were installed by Brad Engleking, owner and designer of Metric Audio who has been designing and installing studio infrastructure for 11 years. The core team is rounded out by Orb Recording Studios house engineer Kevin Butler who has produced, engineered and composed music for albums, TV, film, Web and other uses for clients including GM, Disney and Google, and has worked with more than 100 bands and recording artists.

“To make great music, you need great surroundings – a combination of top-notch gear, comfortable work and lounge areas, a relaxing setting and knowledgeable, capable staff who can work with artists at any level of expertise,” said Hudson.

“Orb is a place without distractions, yet accessible, where development is encouraged and prices aren’t prohibitive. Quality is never sacrificed and clients are treated with respect,” said Noveskey. “It’s a place where inspiration flows, and coming back feels like coming home.”

Orb is now offering special rates until the grand opening on March 16. Interested parties can call (512) 433-6301. For more information, please see

You can find Orb Recording Studios on the web in the following places:

Official Site – TwitterFacebookInstagram

Aug 27 2013

Sixx Sense Interview with Justin Furstenfeld and C.B. Hudson


Justin and C.B. were at an event hosted by Nikki Sixx and Kerri Kasem last week. They also did an interview while they were there. They talked about Sway, Hate Me, the PledgeMusic campaign, MusiCares, songwriting, touring and much more.

Here is a video montage of the event-

Photos from the event can be seen here.

Aug 23 2013 Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

In this interview with, Justin talks about Sway, Blue October fans and the PledgeMusic campaign and C.B. Hudson returning to Blue October.

Blue October’s new album is also the band’s latest foray into independence, releasing it on their own label, Up/Down, with fans financing the endeavor via crowd-sourcing website PledgeMusic in record time.

“That is the definition of blessed,” Furstenfeld marveled of the band reaching their PledgeMusic goal is less than a week. “I’d still be working as an exterminator in Houston. I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of it. We were able to fund the album and half of the documentary that we’re shooting by what they’ve done for us. The marketing, the videos, everything going into this album is a direct result of the fans’ passion. I don’t know how to say thank you enough. So every day I have to honor them with my sobriety, my honesty and showing them there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is now.

With band’s U.S tour stretching through October before Blue October jets over to Russia, Germany and England before returning to the States for more shows in December, longtime fans will also be excited to see guitarist C.B. Hudson back in the fold after leaving the group in 2010.

“I stopped being an asshole,” Furstenfeld laughed when asked what led to Hudson returning to the band’s line-up. “I was a total madman and would have left the band, too. I was a control freak, egomaniac and alcoholic. Put all those together and you have a nuclear bomb that no one wants to be around. When he realized that I was back in my head and mind, he admitted that he missed Blue October. He called and told me flat-out that I treated him like shit. I told him I knew that, and I wanted to make amends. So we met up for coffee, and I’m grateful he didn’t turn his back on me. It’s fantastic having him by my side again.”

Read the entire interview here.

Jun 14 2013

C.B. Hudson will tour with Blue October for The Sway Tour

(photo source)

This morning this article appeared in one of my google alerts. The article states that C.B. Hudson will be reuniting with Blue October for The Sway Tour. I wanted to verify so I asked for confirmation on twitter and Jeremy confirmed it.

Yay!! I’m a huge fan of C.B. so this is great news!

C.B. and me in Salt Lake City, October 2010

Jan 3 2011

C.B. Hudson’s last performance with Blue October

The final performance on the 2010 Pick Up the Phone tour was ‘Hate Me’. Since the announcement that C.B. is leaving this video means so much more.

Abel of Longoria Photography was backstage and took video of C.B.’s final curtain call.

I know this post is about C.B.’s last performance but this video of 18th Floor Balcony has a great moment with the whole band at about 4:40 so I had to share it too.

C.B. will definitely be missed!

Dec 30 2010

C.B. Hudson

These are interviews with C.B. Hudson prior to the start of this site in December of 2009. Interviews since then can be found here.


3/16/09- The Rebel Yell: New tour, new album, new hopes for Blue October

3/6/09- Ultimate Guitar: Blue October: ‘Go Out And Rock’

1/17/09 Alternative Addiction Blue October’s New Album Far From Normal (Link to audio of interview at the bottom of the article)

1/18/07 The GW Hatchett: A decade in the making: Blue October savors the spotlight

6/14/06 An Interview with CB Hudson of Blue October

Dec 15 2010

C.B. Hudson leaving Blue October

This announcement was just posted on the Open Book message board-

After 9 years we regretfully announce that C.B. Hudson is leaving Blue October to pursue other opportunities. We value his contribution to the band and wish him and his family all the best in the future.

Blue October is currently looking for a guitar player.

This is makes me so sad! He will be greatly missed!!! Best of Luck CB!!

Photo courtesy of Longoria Photography

ETA: In this interview with PLAYBACK:stl Justin talks about C.B.’s decison to leave Blue October-

Tell me about the lineup switch.
C.B. [Hudson] wanted to be a family man. (I tried to do that once.) We still love him to pieces, he still loves us to pieces; it’s a healthy split.

Oct 8 2010

Birthday Wishes!

Happy Birthday C.B. and Jeremy!

I hope you both have a great day! Hopefully the crowd in Michigan tonight will show you a little extra birthday love ;)

Photos property of Longoria Photography