Jan 22 2014

Autographed “Crazy Making” Auction to Benefit Resiliency Center of Newtown

Music for NewtownMusic for Newtown is currently auctioning autographed items from musicians to raise money for the Resiliency Center of Newtown. Among the auction items a copy of Crazy Making signed by Justin. Blue October

The auction runs until January 29th at 9:00 p.m. EST. 100% of the proceeds go to the Resiliency Center of Newtown, which supports victims’ families, the first responders, and the community of Newtown, Connecticut. You can bid on Crazy Making here. You can find out more information about Music for Newtown on their website.

Apr 26 2013

ARTISTdirect interviews Justin Furstenfeld

ARTISTdirect interviewed Justin about the acoustic tour, the new edition of Crazy Making and more.

When did you feel the vision for the book came into focus?

Any Man in America was the darkest two years of my life. It was really hard to write that album and be so honest, but it needed to be done. We were listening to the new record in the bus last night. My road manager was like, “This is so different from Any Man in America. All of your records are different though because you’re at a different place in your life”. Then he said, “Any Man in America was a concept album that needed to be done for you to speak on where you were in life”. When I finished Any Man in America, something had to happen for me personally because I was in such a dark place. I knew that ten months after the record when I made some major changes in my life and I started to feel that sense of serenity and peace, that was a good time to close the door on the book and share that so there would be a light at the end of the tunnel. I would’ve hated to end it on Any Man in America and have everyone say, “Damn, what a sad story!” There is a success story, happiness, and peace behind it though. That’s why I wanted to put it out before this album. I wanted to leave it up to the wind to see where I go from here living this new life of calm and serenity. I’m putting the things behind me that need to be put behind me.

What’s the direction of the new Blue October music?

It’s a lot heavier sonically, beats-wise, melody-wise, and guitar-wise. Lyrically, it’s empowering. I need to write an album on recognizing the negative, throwing it away, and moving forward. The world these days needs a kick in the butt to know life is good. I’ve been promoting life being hard, and it’s going to be such a difference for us. It doesn’t have to be shit all the time. It’s completely different. We celebrate the things we do in life that we look over every day like time with friends, accomplishments, sex, and empowering yourself to get over obstacles you had that you don’t need anymore. You realize you’re better than them. It’s saying that final “fuck you” to anything negative that was bringing you down and moving forward. We want to be put in the category of people who know what they’re talking about not just people who are so fucking dramatic all the time.

Read the entire interview here.

Apr 17 2013

InsideSTL interviews Justin Furstenfeld

In the 3+ years I’ve been running this fan site I’ve come to know which media outlets are going to get the best interviews and write the best reviews. Justin Boyd, who writes for InsideSTL.com, is one of those people. It is obvious from his reviews and interviews that he is a Blue October fan. My theory is that someone who is a fan asks more sincere questions which results in a better interview.

Justin had a chance to interview Justin while he was in St. Louis for the Open Book tour. They talked about the tour, writing Crazy Making, connecting with fans, sobriety, Any Man In America, the new album and much more.

 You can read Justin’s review of the show here.

Apr 16 2013

SoundSpike Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

SoundSpike has posted an excellent Q&A with Justin. He talks about the Open Book tour, writing Crazy Making,  gave some great details about new album and much more.

What did you learn in writing the book?

How much I’ve grown and where I don’t want to go again. I’m glad I was so honest with the negative parts of my life. They’re pretty embarrassing. They’re pretty out there. When I read it back I’m kind of like, “Whew, man, that’s a growth spurt right there.” I think that’s what I learned the most. I know what I don’t want to be and what I want to continue to be.

Was the book a difficult journey for you?

Life itself, yeah. Noting it down was the only thing that was saving me. Life in general was a difficult journey. My whole career has been one big life story of how hard it was. Now it’s not like that. Life doesn’t have to be that hard if you just recognize there are beautiful miracles out there everywhere. So now it wasn’t hard for me. It was easy.

How’s it selling so far?

Great. We’re almost sold out of it. It keeps selling. I’m just more proud because I finally have something I did by myself and I can go, “OK, it’s true. It’s honest. It’s great.”

How did your family react to the book?

Don’t know yet [he said making a squeamish face]. It only came out four days ago. They haven’t gotten a copy yet. They’ll love me unconditionally.

They’ll probably be very proud of you.

Oh, thank you. My wife read it the other night on the bus and I came in there and she was crying. I said, “You all right?” She said, “I just read your book. “

Read the entire interview here.

Feb 22 2013

New Edition of Crazy Making Available for Pre-Order

With the announcement of Justin’s solo tour there was also mention of a new edition of Crazy Making: The Words and Lyrics of Justin Furstenfeld. Now the book is available for pre-order. From the description it sounds like even if you have the first or second edition you are going to want this edition.

Now updated with over 100 NEW pages spanning from The Answers through Any Man In America and beyond, this collection of Justin’s lyrics, thoughts and memories is more comprehensive than ever before. The perfect companion piece to listen through all of the albums. This is a high quality hard cover, full color book, updated in this edition with a full color dust jacket. The third edition of Crazy Making includes tons of extras and additional songs that aren’t on any albums along with a sneak peak of some new songs the band is currently recording. Now with over 220 pages, this edition delivers the true open book of Blue October.

You can pre-order the book here.