Aug 15 2011

Guest Appearances on Blue October’s Any Man In America

There are four guest appearances on Any Man In America. I’ve posted about two of them before but I thought I’d do one post with information on all of them.

The first appearance is Steve Schlitz from Hurricane Bells.

Steve has a history with Blue October. He’s opened for them on several tours as Longwave and Hurricane Bells. He played guitar on several tracks on Any Man In America. Steve posted this video of being in studio recording The Feel Again (Stay).

The next guest appearance is Ray C.

He is on the title track, Any Man In America. Ray C was at all of the Texas Any Man In America concerts. Here is video of him performing with Blue October-

The third guest appearance is Tim Palmer.

Not only did Tim produce and mix the album. He also played guitar on multiple tracks.

The final guest appearance is Patricia Lynn from The Soldier Thread.

Patricia Lynn is the amazing voice that you hear on The Follow Through. Many people got to see she and Justin sing this song on the acoustic tour last Spring.

Feb 10 2011

Justin Furstenfeld to appear on Hurricane Bells new album

While Steve Schiltz was in Austin recording guitar for Blue October’s new album Justin recorded harmonica on the song Before I’m Gone for Hurricane Bells upcoming album.


Feb 9 2011

Steve Schiltz in studio with Blue October

Steve Schiltz, who has toured with Blue October with Hurricane Bells and Longwave, was in studio recording guitar for the new album recently and has posted this video of their recording session. The song they are recording in this video is called Feel Again.

Thanks for the sneak peek Steve!!

Feb 11 2010

Opening for PUTP tour: Hurricane Bells

One of the opening acts for the 2010 Pick Up the Phone tour is Hurricane Bells. If  you were lucky enough to attend a concert during the 2009 Crazy Making Tour you are already familiar with Hurricane Bells even though you may not realize it.  Hurricane Bells is a solo project of Longwave’s lead singer, Steve Schiltz.

I was going to do a bunch of research about Hurricane Bells for this post but I realized that it had already been done for me.  Hurricane Bells has a song on the The Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack called Monsters. Before the soundtrack was released interviewed Steve about his background, Monsters, Twilight and much more.  Get to know Hurricane Bells here.  (I promise there is a lot more to the interview than just Twilight so even you non-Twilight people should read it )

Here’s a sneak peek at what the write-up includes-

TM: What is on your iPod right now?

SS: I listen to CD’s, is that terrible? I am back on an M. Ward kick, ‘Transistor Radio’ again. I’m back on Fleet Foxes record, eve though there’s parts of me that wishes it was just a new My Morning Jacket record. Gilberto Gil, a Brazilian singer. I did a show with Little Joy on guitar and they turned me onto Brazilian music, one of the guys is from Rio. ‘Pinkerton’ by Weezer is back in rotation for me. They come and go.

I’m hoping my research for Stars of Track and Field will be this easy 🙂