May 27 2015

Austin Underground Interviews Blue October

Blue October talked to Austin Underground about touring, their upcoming album, the key to staying together so long, songwriting, their favorite song to perform live and much more.

Dec 1 2014

Alex G Interviews Blue October

Alex G sat down with Justin and Ryan while they were in Napa Valley for Live in the Vineyard. They talked about the name of the band, performing, Sway, performing at Live in the Vineyard and much more.

Jul 21 2014

94.5 The Buzz Interviews Blue October

Theresa from 94.5 talked to Blue October before . They talked about Blue October fans, Justin’s beard, what’s next for them, and much, much more.

Justin and C.B. also performed Say It and Dirt Room acoustically.

Pictures from Blue October’s performance can be seen here and the acoustic performance here.

Mar 25 2014

The University Star interviews Blue October

The University Star interviewed Justin and Matt this weekend. They talked about living in San Marcos, Sway, touring and more. You can read their Q&A, which has slightly more in-depth answers to the questions in the video, here.

Dec 11 2013

Jessie Jessup Interviews Blue October at How The Edge Stole Christmas

Jessie Jessup from 102.1 The Edge talked to the guys before they performed at How The Edge Stole Christmas. They talked about the trip to Russia, holiday traditions, what is coming up for Blue October in 2014 and much more.

You can see pictures from the performance at How The Edge Stole Christmas here.

Nov 6 2013

94.5 The Buzz Interviews Blue October

Blue October played at Buzzfest this past weekend. 94.5 The Buzz sat down with the guys and talked about Sway, touring in Russia, and much more.

Aug 27 2013

101X Interviews Blue October

Blue October was at 101X this morning. They talked about the Barnes & Noble performance scheduled for this evening, Sway, touring and more.

Nov 28 2012

Houston’s KBTV Interviews Blue October

Houston’s Fox4 KBTV interviewed Blue October while they were in Houston for the quiet mind tour. They talked about the tour, connecting with fans, making videos, their favorite song to perform, social media and more. The video is not embeddable, you can view it here.

Oct 26 2012

The Boston Globe interviews Blue October

The Boston Globe and Dirty Water TV sat down with Blue October when they were in Boston for the quiet mind tour. They talked about social media, a new album, fan interpretation of songs and more.

Blue October Feature from James F. Clark on Vimeo.

May 23 2012

Azul Night Interview with Blue October

Azul Night talked to Justin and Ryan while they were in Florida on tour. They talked about song writing, the diversity of the Blue October fanbase, touring and more.

Apr 22 2012

KDGE interview with Blue October at Edgefest

Jessie from KDGE interviewed Blue October at Edgefest today. They talked about The Worry List video, haunted venues, a new DVD and much more.

(There are some sound issues with this video. The sound starts about 30 seconds into the video and also cuts out in the middle.)

Apr 18 2012

Blue October interview with Rock 100.5 The Katt

Justin, Matt and Julian were in the Katt Radio studio in Oklahoma City. They talked about being on the road, putting out a new DVD (!!!),  played Hate Me and more.

Jan 21 2012

Mix 96.1 Interviews Blue October

This interview with Julian, Jeremy and Matt (and Avery! How cute is she?!?)  is from right before the Not So Silent Night Concert in December but was just uploaded. In the interview the talk about performing close to home, what they like to listen to, the success of The Feel Again (Stay) in England, and much more.

p.s.- congrats Matt!!!

Oct 19 2011

10 Questions with Blue October

Philidelphia’s Radio 104.5 selected a fan to ask Blue October 10 questions. Louie D was the lucky winner. (Random side note- I got to meet Louie and his wife when I was in NYC for the acoustic show. They are wonderful people! I love it when dedicated fans get to do stuff like this!!)

Louie sat down with Justin, Julian and Matt and they talked about the Pick Up the Phone tour, The American Coalition for Fathers and Children, being on their own record label, which song they would like to cover, writing songs and much more.

Oct 17 2011

Fan Interview with Blue October

Water Street Music Hall had a contest for a fan to be able to interview Blue October before their concert in Rochester. Ryan Grimes was the lucky winner. In the interview they talked to Julian, Justin, Jeremy and Matt about pre-show rituals, things that their fans don’t know about them, being bullied and what they do for fun on tour.