Aug 8 2014

How Did I Get Here? Podcast with C.B. Hudson and Matt Noveskey

cb and matt

How Did I Get Here? interviewed C.B. and Matt about Orb Recording Studios. They talked about how the studio came to be, building the studio, producing records, running a studio while touring with Blue October and much more. (the interview with Matt & C.B. starts about 6:40)

Mar 20 2014

AMFM Magazine Interviews Matt Noveskey and C.B. Hudson about Orb Recording Studios

AMFM Magazine talked to Matt and C.B. about Orb Recording Studios. They talked about how the studio came to be, their vision for the future of the studio, recording in Austin, and much more.

Dec 11 2013

Jessie Jessup Interviews Blue October at How The Edge Stole Christmas

Jessie Jessup from 102.1 The Edge talked to the guys before they performed at How The Edge Stole Christmas. They talked about the trip to Russia, holiday traditions, what is coming up for Blue October in 2014 and much more.

You can see pictures from the performance at How The Edge Stole Christmas here.

Nov 6 2013

94.5 The Buzz Interviews Blue October

Blue October played at Buzzfest this past weekend. 94.5 The Buzz sat down with the guys and talked about Sway, touring in Russia, and much more.

Aug 27 2013

Sixx Sense Interview with Justin Furstenfeld and C.B. Hudson


Justin and C.B. were at an event hosted by Nikki Sixx and Kerri Kasem last week. They also did an interview while they were there. They talked about Sway, Hate Me, the PledgeMusic campaign, MusiCares, songwriting, touring and much more.

Here is a video montage of the event-

Photos from the event can be seen here.

Dec 30 2010

C.B. Hudson

These are interviews with C.B. Hudson prior to the start of this site in December of 2009. Interviews since then can be found here.


3/16/09- The Rebel Yell: New tour, new album, new hopes for Blue October

3/6/09- Ultimate Guitar: Blue October: ‘Go Out And Rock’

1/17/09 Alternative Addiction Blue October’s New Album Far From Normal (Link to audio of interview at the bottom of the article)

1/18/07 The GW Hatchett: A decade in the making: Blue October savors the spotlight

6/14/06 An Interview with CB Hudson of Blue October

Oct 6 2010

Tour Stop interviews Blue October

Tour Stop interviewed Blue October while they were in Spokane, Washington last week. Justin, Matt & C.B. talked about how they have grown as individuals and as a band, the Pick Up the Phone tour, the Please Don’t Jump Event, Blue October fans and much more.

Aug 22 2010

Positively Houston interviews Blue October

Positively Houston has posted their interview with Justin, C.B. and Matt from the Houston acoustic concert on July 24th. This concert had several fundraisers for Homes for Our Troops.


Update: Positively Houston has uploaded a longer version of their interview. The guys talk about the loyalty of the fans, about what inspires them, writing music and what they do for fun.

Apr 29 2010

Blue October on 105.7 The Point in St. Louis

Justin Furstenfeld and C.B. Hudson were interviewed by 105.7 The Point when they were in St. Louis for the Pick Up the Phone tour on April 21, 2010. They also performed Hate Me.

(I can’t believe they were going to tour with Daughtry!!! I went to that concert last week here in Salt Lake. Lifehouse and Cavo were good but I would have much rather seen Blue October with them.)

Apr 28 2010

C.B. Hudson talks about the Pick Up the Phone Tour

In an interview with prior to last week’s concert in Omaha, Nebraska C.B. talked about the reason behind the Pick Up the Phone tour, Blue October fans, and more.

Blue October started in 1995 and Hudson has been lead guitar player since 2000. He said the members have become like a family and struggle watching Furstenfeld’s struggles
He said songwriting for Furstenfeld has been a way for him to get things off his chest, with his deeply personal lyrics chronicling personal struggles. During shows, he said the band feed’s off the energy of the fans during a 90-minute set he described as “very passionate and raw.”

“It’s hard. We love him,” Hudson said. “It’s important to let people know you’re there for them.”

“A lot of people identify with his lyrics. They’re like ‘Yeah, I’ve been there,’” Hudson said. “We’re really hoping there are people out there who get help. You’re not alone, there is help and people will see that at these shows.”

Being able to have an impact beyond the music is something he said is extremely rewarding. “We’re something more than ourselves, more than just jumping around on stage,” Hudson said. “It’s amazing when people come up after the shows and say how ‘Hate Me’ got them through something or got them back talking to their mother.”

Read the entire article here.