Dec 11 2013

Jessie Jessup Interviews Blue October at How The Edge Stole Christmas

Jessie Jessup from 102.1 The Edge talked to the guys before they performed at How The Edge Stole Christmas. They talked about the trip to Russia, holiday traditions, what is coming up for Blue October in 2014 and much more.

You can see pictures from the performance at How The Edge Stole Christmas here.

Nov 6 2013

94.5 The Buzz Interviews Blue October

Blue October played at Buzzfest this past weekend. 94.5 The Buzz sat down with the guys and talked about Sway, touring in Russia, and much more.

Oct 26 2012

The Boston Globe interviews Blue October

The Boston Globe and Dirty Water TV sat down with Blue October when they were in Boston for the quiet mind tour. They talked about social media, a new album, fan interpretation of songs and more.

Blue October Feature from James F. Clark on Vimeo.

May 2 2011

InsideSTL interviews Jeremy Furstenfeld

InsideSTL talked to Jeremy about the upcoming acoustic tour, the acoustic album and Blue October’s new album, tentatively titled Any Man In America. I love it when reporters that are actual fans of the band. You can tell J. Boyd is just by the opening sentence of the article.

Blue October is a band that is hard to describe. One part energy, one part immense talent and many parts emotion, all adding up to one of the most powerful bands I have ever come across.

I had a chance to catch up with drummer Jeremy Furstenfeld to chat about their upcoming live release “Ugly Side” and impending 14 date acoustic tour in support. One of those dates will stop at The Pageant in The Loop on Friday, May 6th. Furstenfeld was very upbeat in talking about the tour saying “I am looking forward to getting back to the way these songs were written and to play them in a more intimate, exposed setting.”

I asked Jeremy if this was a planned release, he said “We planned to record it, but not on the release…. but after going back through it, we were like you know there is some good stuff in here”. He also stressed the importance to stay out there in front of people in this age of mass information so this release would be a good bridge to their next studio album because “people are quick to move on to the next thing.”

I asked Jeremy about the new the new studio album, Blue October’s 6th, which is planned for a late Summer release. He said it is in the final mixing stages and the working title is “Any Man In America”.

You can read the entire article and enter to win a copy of Ugly Side: An Acoustic Evening with Blue October here.

Dec 19 2010

Jeremy Furstenfeld

These are interviews with Jeremy Furstenfeld prior to the start of this site in December of 2009. Interviews since then can be found here.

5/13/11 Blue October: Emotional music for sensitive rockers

7/30/09 Behind the Scenes of Yamaha All Access Photoshoot.

Yamaha All Access Article- Beats for Blue October

6/9/2009- Ultimate Drummer- Jeremy Furstenfeld Exclusive Interview

3/09 LA’s the Place- Rock Band Blue October Blends Edge and Hope with New Album and Tour

4/4/2007 Outtakes: Blue October

2/7/2007- Blue October, The Damnwells set for an emotional evening

10/26/2006- Ground Zero: No ‘Hate’ for Blue October

9/27/2006 Vue Weekly: Dark lyrics show a band that’s feeling a little Blue October

6/26/2006 Joe Kleon interview

4/18/2006 The Daily Toreador- Band brings ‘Blue’ mood to Lubbock

3/31/2006 Iowa State Daily- ‘Hate Me’ artist Blue October enjoys nothing but love from Midwest fans

Aug 13 2010

Jeremy Furstenfeld interview on Russia’s Maximum 103.7

Jeremy was interviewed by Russia’s Maximum 103.7 for their upcoming concert in Moscow on August 22nd. They talk about the progress of the new album, what he is listening to, his musical inspirations, vodka, performing in Russia and much more.  The website is in Russian but you can hear Jeremy’s answers by pressing play on each of the clips on their site. (Babel Fish gave me the best translation but it’s still a bit choppy but you can pretty much figure out what the question was by Jeremy’s answer.) You can also listen to all of his answers in the clip below.

May 4 2010 Blue October Interview Part 2

Here is the second part of’s interview with Justin & Jeremy discussing how bi-polar effects their lives and what you can do to help yourself or people in your life that may have a mental illness.

Apr 27 2010

Germany’s interviews Justin & Jeremy Furstenfeld

While Blue October was in Germany earlier this year Justin and Jeremy were interviewed by In this moving interview they both talk very openly and honestly about bipolar disorder and how it effects their lives.

This is part one of the interview. Hopefuly part two will be posted shortly.

It’s seems shallow to post this after that interview but the photoshoot from this interview can be found here.

ETA: Part two of the interview can be seen here.