Mar 27 2014

Lubbock’s FMX 94.5 Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

Justin stopped by the FMX Studio in Lubbock yesterday. They talked about Sway, touring, the opening band- The Architects and much more. The volume on this video is really low but it’s worth listening to so turn your speakers up and enjoy.

Mar 25 2014

The University Star interviews Blue October

The University Star interviewed Justin and Matt this weekend. They talked about living in San Marcos, Sway, touring and more. You can read their Q&A, which has slightly more in-depth answers to the questions in the video, here.

Mar 20 2014

Meet the Bands Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

Meet the Bands talked to Justin about Bleed Out, the upcoming Sway video, getting sober, meeting his wife, and much more.

Mar 17 2014

Rock 108 Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

When Blue October was in Abilene last week Justin stopped by Rock 108 for an interview. This four part interview is long but it is a great interview so it’s worth the time. They talked about sobriety, Sway, Tori Vasquez, the Bleed Out video, C.B. being back in the band and much more.

Mar 11 2014

106.3 The Buzz Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

106.3 The Buzz talked to Justin today about Blue October performing in Wichita Falls this Saturday, touring, Sway and much more.


Mar 4 2014

The San Marcos Record Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

Justin Furstenfeld and Daniel Guerrero

The San Marcos Record talked to Justin about living in San Marcos, Texas. In addition to talking in depth about San Marcos, they also talked about Blue October, Sway, and much more.  Here are  a few quotes from the article:

And despite the fame, the Furstenfelds continue to spend their time off in San Marcos. However, the group has mostly kept quiet about their lives when they’re not on tour. Furstenfeld says the members of the band really appreciate the way people in San Marcos treat them like they are normal. “When we come home, everyone treats us like we’re home. It’s a lot different when we go out on the road,” Furstenfeld said. “It’s one of the reasons we love it here. We can be normal here. We’ll always protect (San Marcos).”

But no matter how deeply into his self-medicated addiction he got, there was one person who remained a constant. Furstenfeld’s mother, Rokie, is a huge part of his life and she appears frequently in Blue October songs, and even in the music video for the popular song “Hate Me.” “(My mom’s) a great lady. She’s one of my best friends in the world and has always believed in us as a band and as individuals,” Furstenfeld said. “She’s a mom and she did a good job being a mom. I have a tattoo on my arm that says ‘What would Mom do?’ to keep me straight and focused.”

While Sarah and his children are a huge part of Furstenfeld’s sobriety, the Blue October front man has a support system that also includes San Marcos Mayor Daniel Guerrero (pictured above). The pair met through a mutual friend in late 2011 and they leaned on each other through tough times. “You know, his faith and his family have changed him,” Guerrero said. “I think (Furstenfeld) has always believed in God, I just don’t think he’s always believed in himself.

Furstenfeld says playing in San Marcos is always unique. In fact, Blue October is gearing up for back-to-back shows at the Marc on March 21 and 22. Of the show, Furstenfeld said fans can expect “(a lot) of songs. I think they let us play for as long as we want and it will be just amazing. Every show in San Marcos is always crazy and great.”

The entire article is viewable here. The site is subsciption only but you can view one edition for free so you should be able to read the article without paying for it.

Jan 28 2014

RealSceneTV Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

When Blue October was Indianapolis for X103’s Not So Silent Night, RealSceneTV sat down with Justin. They talked about Sway, 30 Seconds to Mars, the PledgeMusic campaign and more.

Jan 1 2014

InsideSTL Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

InsideSTL interviewed Justin when Blue October was in St. Louis for the Ho Ho Show on December 9th. They talked about touring Russia, the Sway Tour, C.B. being back in the band, what is next for Blue October and much, much more. As always, Justin from InsideSTL gives us a great, in-depth interview.

You can read Justin’s review of the Ho Ho Show here. Photos from the concert can be seen here.

Dec 11 2013

Jessie Jessup Interviews Blue October at How The Edge Stole Christmas

Jessie Jessup from 102.1 The Edge talked to the guys before they performed at How The Edge Stole Christmas. They talked about the trip to Russia, holiday traditions, what is coming up for Blue October in 2014 and much more.

You can see pictures from the performance at How The Edge Stole Christmas here.

Dec 10 2013

105.7 The Point Sound Check Party

St. Louis’s 105.7 The Point interviewed Justin before sound check for the Ho Ho Show. Justin talked about their crazy, snowy journey to get to St. Louis, songwriting and Sway. Then they performed Sway and Bleed Out.

Nov 6 2013

94.5 The Buzz Interviews Blue October

Blue October played at Buzzfest this past weekend. 94.5 The Buzz sat down with the guys and talked about Sway, touring in Russia, and much more.

Nov 4 2013

RockFusion Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

Glasgow’s RockFusion interviewed Justin about Blue October’s upcoming European tour, Sway, changes in his life and much more.

How are the band finding the new stuff out on the road? It’s just as big a change for them as it is for you…

Oh, God they’re so happy! They don’t have to hang out with this manic depressive crazy guy anymore (laughs). I’m sure that’s what they’re thinking! You can only imagine what they must have felt like over the last ten years touring with me singing about such sadness, you can only imagine. I would’ve been like, “Shut the fuck up!

I’ve got two kids now and a beautiful wife and it’s time to grow the fuck up, it really is. It’s time to grow the fuck and realise that you’ve got a short ass time. I’ve already lived half my life it’s time to really live happy, joyous and free and anyone that’s going to get in my way can just back up.

I’ll be honest, it’s been pretty awesome seeing the change and grow in such a positive way compared to what you were like 6 or 7 years ago when I found your music… Or even compared to 18 months ago when we last spoke.

Thank you man! A lot of was a case of saying to myself, “Justin, stop self medicating when you get sad.” A lot of it was that. Stop drinking so much whiskey and wine. Stop smoking so much dope. Stop doing the things counteracting happiness when you’re trying to find peace. I just challenged myself to get sober and live life that way. I’d already done it the other way and when I did that I realised it really wasn’t that fucking hard to be happy if you stop giving yourself crutches!

Is there any change on your on stage performance now that you’re at peace and sober?

There’s more awareness. There’s more energy. There’s more confidence! I don’t have to get right into everyone’s face and scream my ass off. I can stand there and let people take the song in instead of seeing how crazy Justin is. It’s such an amazing thing. I can stand back and let Ryan play his violin and let people see him and let the light shine on him for a while. I’m a part of a band it’s not a Justin Furstenfeld project and that’s one thing I’m loving about touring is that the guys in the band are really happy… And I love that.

Read the entire interview here.

Oct 14 2013

Jessie Jessup Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

Jessie Jessup from 102.1 the Edge talked to Justin about the Sway tour, the Blue October documentary that is currently being made, How The Edge Stole Christmas and much, much more.

Oct 3 2013

The Daily Herald Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

Utah’s Daily Herald interviewed Justin about his journey to sobriety, Sway, songwriting and more.

Justin Furstenfeld remembers how scared he was when he arrived in Nashville to get together with songwriter Chris Lindsey to write what became “Not Broken Anymore,” one of the many revealing songs on “Sway,” the new album by his band Blue October — which is playing Friday night at The Depot in Salt Lake City.

“When I finished it, I called my mom,” Furstenfeld said in a recent phone interview. “I was screaming ‘I’ve still got it! I’ve still got it!’ And she was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ And I was like, ‘I can still write music.’ I was screaming. It was a great moment.”

Furstenfeld was so apprehensive about his return to songwriting because “Not Broken Anymore” was the first song he had attempted to write sober in many years. Finding he still had his creative groove erased any lingering doubts that came with a lifestyle change that was certainly life altering and maybe even life saving.

Read the entire article here.

Sep 19 2013

Justin Furstenfeld Interview with Radio 104.5

Justin stopped by Radio 104.5 in Philadelphia. He talked to them about Sway and then performed Sorry Hearts, Bleed Out, and Hate Me.