Aug 8 2014

How Did I Get Here? Podcast with C.B. Hudson and Matt Noveskey

cb and matt

How Did I Get Here? interviewed C.B. and Matt about Orb Recording Studios. They talked about how the studio came to be, building the studio, producing records, running a studio while touring with Blue October and much more. (the interview with Matt & C.B. starts about 6:40)

Mar 25 2014

The University Star interviews Blue October

The University Star interviewed Justin and Matt this weekend. They talked about living in San Marcos, Sway, touring and more. You can read their Q&A, which has slightly more in-depth answers to the questions in the video, here.

Mar 20 2014

AMFM Magazine Interviews Matt Noveskey and C.B. Hudson about Orb Recording Studios

AMFM Magazine talked to Matt and C.B. about Orb Recording Studios. They talked about how the studio came to be, their vision for the future of the studio, recording in Austin, and much more.

Mar 6 2014

Matt Noveskey on Moniker Guitars

Matt talks about Moniker Guitars, which is an Austin based guitar company . I have to admit that I don’t understand most of the discussion about the guitars but I love the part about personalizing Matt’s guitar with his kids names.


Dec 11 2013

Jessie Jessup Interviews Blue October at How The Edge Stole Christmas

Jessie Jessup from 102.1 The Edge talked to the guys before they performed at How The Edge Stole Christmas. They talked about the trip to Russia, holiday traditions, what is coming up for Blue October in 2014 and much more.

You can see pictures from the performance at How The Edge Stole Christmas here.

Nov 6 2013

94.5 The Buzz Interviews Blue October

Blue October played at Buzzfest this past weekend. 94.5 The Buzz sat down with the guys and talked about Sway, touring in Russia, and much more.

Oct 28 2013

Backstage Entertainment Interviews Matt Noveskey

Backstage Entertainment talked to Matt about touring, making Sway, fan reaction to Sway, producing other bands, Blue October fans, trashing hotel rooms and much more.

Oct 19 2012

Backstage Entertainment interviews Matt Noveskey

Backstage Entertainment interviewed Matt Novesky while they were in Omaha for the quiet mind tour. They talked about the tour, Any Man In America, answered fan questions, and more.

You can see pictures from the interview here.

Apr 19 2012

The Daily Reveille Q&A with Matt Noveskey

Baton Rouge’s The Daily Reveille talked to Matt about the meaning of Any Man In America, his favorite songs on the album, what to expect at a Blue October show and more.

The Daily Reveille: What is the meaning of “Any Man in America?”

Noveskey: My take on it, the actual title itself means what Justin [Furstenfeld, the band’s singer] experienced and what he’s gone through [with his divorce and ensuing custody battle] can happen to anybody in this country. Because based off the laws of the lack of shared parenting and just the issues we have with the laws when it comes to custody, it can happen to anybody.

We’ve been doing this for so long. We’re not just a band; we’re way more than that. We’re a family. We’ve been through so much together with many ups and downs. … The album definitely reflects life. It’s what we like to call “reality music.” None of it is fictional and none of it is in third person. It’s all very much from [Justin’s] perspective. It’s all relative. When you’re going out touring in support of something that is a snap shot of your life, you live it every day.

TDR: This album has a hip-hop flair to it. What separates it from your past releases?

Noveskey: Besides the actual content, which is vastly different from the other albums, style-wise there is a lot of exploration going on in this record. We just wanted to try some different things and try going in different directions. Hip-hop is actually something that Justin has really been into his whole life. He really wanted to bring that into the band for this record. … To go a new direction is one thing, and he said he wanted to keep it fresh and not just regurgitate the same style over and over again.

Read the entire article here.

Oct 11 2011

Backstage Entertainment Interviews Matt Noveskey

Backstage Entertainment talked to Matt about Any Man In America, his favorite Blue October song, touring, and more. He also answered great fan questions.

You can see pictures from this interview here.


Sep 15 2011

West Hollywood Patch interview with Matt Noveskey

West Hollywood Patch talked to Matt Noveskey while they were in Los Angeles for the Any Man In America tour. They talked about Any Man In America, Matt’s current favorite bands, and more.

Patch: What is the strangest thing you have ever written a song with?

Noveskey: Justin actually wrote the lyrics to “Ugly Side” on an old pizza box that was littering the floor of our van.

Patch: What has been the most surreal moment of being in Blue October?

Noveskey: Definitely opening for The Rolling Stones

Patch: Who are you favorite bands out today?

Noveskey: Iamdynamite and Band of Horses

Patch: Do you guys have any pre-show rituals?

Noveskey: We always joining hands in a circle and say a short motivational speech followed by us counting down to yelling.

Read the entire article here.

Aug 23 2011

Rdio: Five Questions with Matt Noveskey

Matt Noveskey answered 5 questions for Rdio.

    1. Who do you think is an important musician that most people have never heard of before?
      Blue October bass player, Matt Noveskey: Jeremy Enigk—founder of Sunny Day Real Estate and The Fire Theft. He’s been imitated by legions of musicians and songwriters, many of whom may not even realize it.
    2. If you had access to any record in the world, what would you listen to right now?
      MN: Will Hoge – Blackbird On A Lonely Wire
    3. Which album or artist do you most associate with your childhood?
      MN: Fleetwood Mac or Michael Jackson
    4. We hope people are ______________ when they listen to our music.
      MN: Connected
    5. We were thinking about ______________ when we wrote music for the new album.
      MN: Telling it like it is

Matt also shared a few songs off his current playlist. See which songs made he’s listening to here.

Aug 19 2011 A Chat with Matt Noveskey

Examiner Kevin Yeanoplos talked in-depth with Matt about Any Man In America, playing bass, playing acoustically and much more.

After pouring so much emotional energy into an album, a band can hit the wall. But it hasn’t happened with Blue October and Any Man In America.

“Well, I think it’s different for everybody. Most people I know, they do have that period. They do go through that. They kind of just wanna think of something else. Just step away and breathe.”

“If you’re gonna go through a burnout stage, it’s gonna be for one major reason – and it’s because you’re getting sick of your own material.”

“I think that reason is the main reason we don’t keep doing the same album over and over. We don’t want to get tired, you know? I think that’s part of the reason we do have to keep moving in new directions, so that we stay excited as well.”

“We all love the studio. We love writing. We love creating and recording.”

Here’s a message for the band…it shows.

Read the entire interview here.

(Just a note- the interivew makes it sound like the Any Man In America tour is acoustic, it’s not.)

Mar 18 2011

Matt Noveskey talks about Blue October’s New Album

Fender talked to Matt Noveskey about the upcoming Blue October album:

Although the Houston-based band is not quite ready to uncork their new material, bassist Matt Noveskey did, however, reveal some details about the record (due out this summer).

“It’s definitely a departure for sure,” said Noveskey earlier this morning when he dropped by Peche, a bar and restaurant where we’ve set up shop during SXSW. “It’s a very, very honest, from the heart record. A lot of our stuff has been a snapshot of what Justin (Furstenfeld), our singer/chief songwriter, has going on in his life and there’s been a lot of heavy stuff going on the last couple of years. This record doesn’t pull any punches. It’s very true to what he’s been going through. There’s been things on this record that we’ve sat down as a band and gone, ‘Now are you sure you want to put that out there? Are you sure this is what you want to say?’ And I respect the fact that he was like, ‘Yes, and if it’s commercial, it’s commercial. If it’s not, it’s not. This is something I need to get off my chest.’ So it’s brutally honest and I’m really proud of it.”

Read the entire article, which includes Matt’s thoughts about SXSW, here.

Dec 19 2010

Matt Noveskey

These are interviews with Matt Noveskey prior to the start of this site in December of 2009. Interviews since then can be found here.

August 2009 88 Miles West- Interview:  Blue October

7/29/2009 (For some reason this clip is 10 minutes long but the audio only goes to about 7 minutes)

A write-up of this interview can be found here.

4/2/2009 Aguilar Amplification: Matt Noveskey: Inside the Gear Room

3/25/09 In this Week: Blue October Celebrates Their fifth Studio Album and a Nod from Stephenie Meyer

12/30/2008 Blue October Expands Reach On New Album

7/14/2008 Squier Guitars: New Squier Bass for Fire-Stricken Texas Teen

9/07 Warwick Bass Matt Noveskey

7/13/07 LiveDaily: Blue October’s perseverance starts paying dividends

4/1/07 Blue October connects with fans through powerful lyrics, unusual music

2/1/07 The Marquee: Blue October nears platinum with Foiled after being dropped from Universal

11/2006 Recoil: Blue October

11/2006 Blue October Plays Austin for Two Nights in November

2006 Northern Express: Matt Noveskey

Not sure the date on this one- Static Noise: Interview with Matt Noveskey