Jun 5 2015

We Are Austin Interviews Justin & Jeremy Furstenfeld About Band Together TX

Justin and Jeremy were on We Are Austin this morning talking about Band Together TX. It sounds like this is going to be an amazing event. Even if you can’t attend, you can donate to the cause. Simply click the “donations” link on BandTogetherTX.com.

May 27 2015

Austin Underground Interviews Blue October

Blue October talked to Austin Underground about touring, their upcoming album, the key to staying together so long, songwriting, their favorite song to perform live and much more.

May 12 2015

SofaKing Cool Online Interviews Harvard Of The South

SofaKing Cool Online interviewed Steve and Justin about Harvard of the South. They talked about how the band came to be, songwriting, touring and more.

They also shared this great story about the first time Steve met Blue October-

Apr 17 2015

Harvard of the South Debuts “Descent”

Substream Magazine has an exclusive look at Harvard of the South’s newest song, Descent.

Harvard Of The South might not be a name you know yet, but odds are you’re familiar with the parts of their sum—the band is led by Longwave/Hurricane Bells frontman Steve Schiltz and is fleshed out by three members of the platinum-selling rock band Blue October, Justin Furstenfeld (guitar/vocals), Matt Noveskey (bass) and Jeremy Furstenfeld (drums). The quartet recently released their debut EP, Miracle, and we are happy to bring you an in-studio performance video of the gorgeously subdued track “Descent” from it. Jeremy Furstenfeld comments:

“I love the dark, very minimalistic approach to this one. Throughout this whole process, I wanted to try and keep strings off the songs. Blue October has strings, so I wanted to stay as far away from that as possible. In the end, the song practically begged for a violin. We added a violin at Steve’s Ole Studios in Brooklyn while on a day off from a Blue October tour.”

You can follow Harvard of the South on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Apr 7 2015

Harvard of the South Debuts Miracle Lyric Video


Harvard of the South’s EP, Miracle, is available today. I know a lot of us were able to get a copy when they were being sold at concerts or on the Bandwear site but if you weren’t, today is your lucky day. You can now purchase Miracle on Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

Harvard of the South has also released a lyric video for the title track, Miracle. This is one of the most creative lyric videos I’ve seen, I love it! It was created by Bill Moldt.

Hit Fix got the scoop about the song and video from Jeremy-

Their brand of roots-tinged, Elbow-style pop-rock hits more subtly than a good ol’-fashioned  supernatural activity, and that’s due to the expertise of the songmakers. Harvard Of The South consists of rock veterans Steve Schlitz (of Longwave) and Blue October brothers Jeremy and Justin Furstenfeld, plus bassist Matt Noveskey.

Today HitFix exclusive reveals the lyric/music video to the title track “Miracle,” which Jeremy calls a “special” tune.

“This is a special one to us… I think it showed us we were on the right track, and we should continue this ‘Experiment.’ I remember during the process of this song, I was playing a straight beat. S The video we made for this video caught me by surprise. Steve’s friend, Bill, put this together for us using his own ideas and imagination of the song. Its very childlike, and takes me back to wanting to have the imagination of a child again.”

Make sure you follow Harvard of the South’s social media channels for the latest updates! You can find all the links in the sidebar —->

Apr 2 2015

Video Premiere of Harvard of the South’s “All Our Ashes”

Diffuser.fm has debuted the video of All Our Ashes by Harvard of the South.

Harvard of the South — a collaboration between Longwave frontman Steve Schlitz, Blue October‘s Jeremy and Justin Furstenfeld, and Matt Noveskey — are gearing up for the release of their debut EP, Miracle, on April 7. Today (April 1), Diffuser is thrilled to partner with the new project to premiere the official music video for the EP’s opening track, “All Our Ashes” — check it out above.

The song opens with an instantly catchy guitar riff and builds into a pummeling, driving rhythm, making it the perfect track to set the mood for Miracle. “‘All Our Ashes,’ when we first wrote it, was to me always going to be the first song,” Schlitz tells us. “I loved Matt’s bass on it, I loved the sound. I kind of had the idea that it could be like a Primal Scream track — relentless.”

As the song grew, Schiltz says it “changed when Justin put his part in the chorus … it became soaring.”
The accompanying visual perfectly captures the live feel of the track. As Schiltz explains, “The drums, the bass, the guitar — including the solo — were all done live in Jeremy’s living room in Texas.”

Their EP, Miracle, is now available to pre-order from iTunes here.

Harvard of the South will be opening for some of Blue October’s upcoming Fear tour. Make sure you follow all of their social media channels (listed in the sidebar) to keep up on the latest news!

harvard of the south tour dates

Dec 10 2014

Sneak Peek at Blue October’s Upcoming Documentary

VH1 has posted a short clip from Blue October’s upcoming documentary. A lot of the clips are the same as the sneak peek that was included in the PledgeMusic campaign but there is some new footage included in this version. Every little clip we get from the documentary makes me more excited to see the whole thing. I know it is going to be a phenomenal journey.

Dec 1 2014

Miracle by Harvard of the South is Now Available to Purchase


Harvard of the South’s EP, Miracle, is now available to purchase from their online store. Autographed copies can be ordered here.

Make sure you follow Harvard of the South on all their social medial sites.

Nov 3 2014

Harvard of the South ‘Miracle’ EP Available Exclusively at Sway Tour Concerts

harvard of the south miracleHarvard of the South, a side project of Justin, Jeremy, Matt and Steve Schiltz, will be the opening band for the first ten dates on upcoming leg of Blue October’s Sway tour. They will also have their EP, Miracle, available to purchase. As of right now, these shows are the only place that the EP will be available. So if you’re going to one of those concerts, make sure you grab a copy! (If the EP becomes available any other way, I will post about it here as soon as I find out.)

Make sure you follow Harvard of the South on all their social media sites:


Jul 21 2014

94.5 The Buzz Interviews Blue October

Theresa from 94.5 talked to Blue October before . They talked about Blue October fans, Justin’s beard, what’s next for them, and much, much more.

Justin and C.B. also performed Say It and Dirt Room acoustically.

Pictures from Blue October’s performance can be seen here and the acoustic performance here.

May 12 2014

Harvard of the South Merchandise Now Available

HOTS shirt

Harvard of the South now has a merchandise store! You can order their merch here.

Mar 3 2014

Harvard of the South to Open for Both San Marcos Concerts

Harvard of the South

Harvard of the South will be the opening band for the Blue October concerts in San Marcos, Texas on March 21st and 22nd.

Harvard of the South is a new project that Jeremy, Justin, Matt and Steve Schiltz have been working on for quite  a while. Steve Schitlz has opened for Blue October as Longwave and Hurricane Bells. He also appeared as a guest artist on Any Man In America.

Jeremy has shared several sneak peeks as they have been recording-

You can follow Harvard of the South on their Facebook page and their Twitter account.

I’m really looking forward to hearing the final product!! I’m also hoping that there will be video of their performances in Texas for those of us that can’t be there. (Yes, that was a blatant hint for those of you that will be there- someone get video, please!!)

Jul 8 2012

Charlie Moore interviews Blue October

In 2010 Jeremy was on the Beat Charlie Moore show. Up until this point none of the footage from that show has been online. Now part of an interview with Justin, Jeremy and Ryan and part of the fishing show have been uploaded.

Jan 21 2012

Mix 96.1 Interviews Blue October

This interview with Julian, Jeremy and Matt (and Avery! How cute is she?!?)  is from right before the Not So Silent Night Concert in December but was just uploaded. In the interview the talk about performing close to home, what they like to listen to, the success of The Feel Again (Stay) in England, and much more.

p.s.- congrats Matt!!!

May 2 2011

InsideSTL interviews Jeremy Furstenfeld

InsideSTL talked to Jeremy about the upcoming acoustic tour, the acoustic album and Blue October’s new album, tentatively titled Any Man In America. I love it when reporters that are actual fans of the band. You can tell J. Boyd is just by the opening sentence of the article.

Blue October is a band that is hard to describe. One part energy, one part immense talent and many parts emotion, all adding up to one of the most powerful bands I have ever come across.

I had a chance to catch up with drummer Jeremy Furstenfeld to chat about their upcoming live release “Ugly Side” and impending 14 date acoustic tour in support. One of those dates will stop at The Pageant in The Loop on Friday, May 6th. Furstenfeld was very upbeat in talking about the tour saying “I am looking forward to getting back to the way these songs were written and to play them in a more intimate, exposed setting.”

I asked Jeremy if this was a planned release, he said “We planned to record it, but not on the release…. but after going back through it, we were like you know there is some good stuff in here”. He also stressed the importance to stay out there in front of people in this age of mass information so this release would be a good bridge to their next studio album because “people are quick to move on to the next thing.”

I asked Jeremy about the new the new studio album, Blue October’s 6th, which is planned for a late Summer release. He said it is in the final mixing stages and the working title is “Any Man In America”.

You can read the entire article and enter to win a copy of Ugly Side: An Acoustic Evening with Blue October here.