Jan 6 2011

Update on Blue October’s Acoustic Album

When the 2010 Acoustic Tour was announced it included the information that the shows would be recorded for “a future live acoustic release”. Other than that first announcement there has not been any mention or news regarding the acoustic album. Jeremy posted this information on the Open Book Forum today-

I have seen a little bit of concern about the acoustic shows we did and their not being a recording out yet. Well, let me ease your concerns. I have in my possession the master files for all 5 shows. Our FOH,( T Hater) and I dropped and transferred all the files last night here at Mousseroom Studios. It might be a little bit, but ….. after much discussion, and searching, THE FILES DO EXIST. I will try to keep you guys updated, and let ya know if we find anything on those files that is worth releasing. We are our own worst critics ya know.

Happy New Year Everybody.


Keeping my fingers crossed that they find something they like on those files!!

ETA: Jeremy posted this on the Open Book forum on January 10th-

I’m sitting in my tiny little studio going thru Acoustic songs. Listening to you guys sing back to us is UNREAL, EMOTIONAL, and EXQUISITE! I am very lucky and blessed. Thanks very much.


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Dec 19 2010

Jeremy Furstenfeld

These are interviews with Jeremy Furstenfeld prior to the start of this site in December of 2009. Interviews since then can be found here.

5/13/11 Blue October: Emotional music for sensitive rockers

7/30/09 Behind the Scenes of Yamaha All Access Photoshoot.

Yamaha All Access Article- Beats for Blue October

6/9/2009- Ultimate Drummer- Jeremy Furstenfeld Exclusive OnlineDrummer.com Interview

3/09 LA’s the Place- Rock Band Blue October Blends Edge and Hope with New Album and Tour

4/4/2007 OregonLive.com- Outtakes: Blue October

2/7/2007- UWeekly.com- Blue October, The Damnwells set for an emotional evening

10/26/2006- Ground Zero: No ‘Hate’ for Blue October

9/27/2006 Vue Weekly: Dark lyrics show a band that’s feeling a little Blue October

6/26/2006 Joe Kleon interview

4/18/2006 The Daily Toreador- Band brings ‘Blue’ mood to Lubbock

3/31/2006 Iowa State Daily- ‘Hate Me’ artist Blue October enjoys nothing but love from Midwest fans

Oct 8 2010

Birthday Wishes!

Happy Birthday C.B. and Jeremy!

I hope you both have a great day! Hopefully the crowd in Michigan tonight will show you a little extra birthday love ;)

Photos property of Longoria Photography

May 17 2010

Jeremy Furstenfeld on ‘Beat Charlie Moore”

In case you missed it the first time (like I did) the episode of Beat Charlie Moore featuring Jeremy Furstenfeld is scheduled to re-air on May 22nd on ESPN. (I guess this is a good time to figure out if I actually get ESPN, isn’t it?) Here’s a description of the show and a teaser trailer of what we can expect. 

Charlie’s got a lot of passions in life, but the one that comes closest to fishing is music, especially the Indie Rock of Texas’ Blue October. Mad Fish will spend some time taking on drummer Jeremy Furstenfeld at a local fishing hole then catch the band perform later at the House of Blues. It’s rock and roll and rods and reels on Beat Charlie Moore!

I’m not sure if these pictures are from the most recent House of Blues concert Charlie went to or another concert but here are some pictures of Charlie backstage at a Blue October concert.

Update: Charlie Moore’s Facebook page posted some behind-the-scenes pictures of the episode with Jeremy. You can see them here.

Apr 27 2010

Germany’s Frnd.tv interviews Justin & Jeremy Furstenfeld

While Blue October was in Germany earlier this year Justin and Jeremy were interviewed by Frnd.tv. In this moving interview they both talk very openly and honestly about bipolar disorder and how it effects their lives.

This is part one of the interview. Hopefuly part two will be posted shortly.

It’s seems shallow to post this after that interview but the photoshoot from this interview can be found here.

ETA: Part two of the interview can be seen here.