Mar 17 2014

Orb Recording Studios Grand Opening Celebration

orb recording studios

Yesterday was the grand opening celebration of C.B. and Matt’s new studio, Orb Recording Studios. The event featured performances by Justin Furstenfeld and Ryan Delahoussaye, Tori Vasquez, Reed Turner, and Quiet Company.

Austin’s KVUE was at the event, here is the story they ran about the studio:

Congratulations to everyone who worked on getting the studio up and running, especially Matt, C.B. and their families!!! 

You can find Orb Recording Studios on the web in the following places:

Official Site – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram

Justin, Matt, C.B. - Orb Recording Studios(image source)

Here is Justin and Ryan’s gorgeous performance of Fear-

Mar 10 2014

Matt Noveskey and C.B. Hudson Open Orb Recording Studios

Matt Noveskey CB Hudson

If you follow this page on any social media sites, you know I’ve been talking about Orb Recording Studios for a while. It wasn’t until I received the following news release about the grand opening that I realized that I hadn’t actually posted about it on the site. Here is the information on the studio, along with some great quotes from Matt and C.B. about why they decided to open a recording studio:

(AUSTIN, TEXAS – March 2014; source: Juice Consulting) Orb Recording Studios is proud to announce its official grand opening on Sunday, March 16, 2014. Located at 9306 Ledgestone Terrace, Austin, Texas 78737, Orb is a 5,600-square-foot facility built from the ground up on an acre of Texas hill country just 25 minutes from downtown Austin. The studio is the vision of co-owners C.B. Hudson (lead guitarist for Blue October) and Matt Noveskey (bassist for Blue October) who sought to merge the quality of renowned East and West-coast studios with the pretense-free vibe of Austin. They have created a studio that will not only accommodate major acts from around the country, but also nurture new artists.

“We want to bring a comfortable and stress-free recording environment to Texas,” said Hudson. “After recording in New York and Los Angeles, we realized that Austin deserved the same type of state-of-the-art-facility, but with a Texas Hill Country vibe. Built by musicians for musicians, we combined all of our favorite attributes from studios around the country and brought them to Orb.”

Orb offers top-notch gear and convertible spaces capable of accommodating any number of players from a solo artist to an orchestra. Studio A consists of a 672-square-foot live space coupled with a 528-square-foot control room including a SSL 6048 E|G+ Console, Ocean Way HR2 Monitors and a 1938 Steinway Baby Grand. Studio B is a 204-square-foot live space with a 255-square-foot control room and an “Amp Wall.” Other amenities include an extensive instrument library and collection of premium new and vintage microphones, a 876-square-foot lounge/kitchenette with two couches, 50″ LED TV, DirecTV, microwave, espresso machine, fridge, wifi, pool table, bumper pool table, a Playstation 3, Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga and Arcade Legends 3 with Golden Tee golf arcade games.

“After years of touring around the globe, we’ve experienced recording in all kinds of studios and we have turned those experiences into a culmination of the cream of the crop,” said Noveskey. “We have gone the extra mile to bring a premium facility to Austin. We believe there is a need and ultimately we want to be an active part of the growth in Austin’s music industry.”

Orb Recording Studios’ state-of-the-art acoustics were designed by Acoustic Spaces owner and chief designer Mark Genfan. A veteran studio architectural and acoustics designer with a background in both engineering and music, Genfan has created many of Texas’ most renowned recording and production spaces, including Tequila Mockingbird and filmmaker Robert Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios. Wiring and audio electronics were installed by Brad Engleking, owner and designer of Metric Audio who has been designing and installing studio infrastructure for 11 years. The core team is rounded out by Orb Recording Studios house engineer Kevin Butler who has produced, engineered and composed music for albums, TV, film, Web and other uses for clients including GM, Disney and Google, and has worked with more than 100 bands and recording artists.

“To make great music, you need great surroundings – a combination of top-notch gear, comfortable work and lounge areas, a relaxing setting and knowledgeable, capable staff who can work with artists at any level of expertise,” said Hudson.

“Orb is a place without distractions, yet accessible, where development is encouraged and prices aren’t prohibitive. Quality is never sacrificed and clients are treated with respect,” said Noveskey. “It’s a place where inspiration flows, and coming back feels like coming home.”

Orb is now offering special rates until the grand opening on March 16. Interested parties can call (512) 433-6301. For more information, please see

You can find Orb Recording Studios on the web in the following places:

Official Site – TwitterFacebookInstagram

Mar 6 2014

Matt Noveskey on Moniker Guitars

Matt talks about Moniker Guitars, which is an Austin based guitar company . I have to admit that I don’t understand most of the discussion about the guitars but I love the part about personalizing Matt’s guitar with his kids names.


Mar 3 2014

Harvard of the South to Open for Both San Marcos Concerts

Harvard of the South

Harvard of the South will be the opening band for the Blue October concerts in San Marcos, Texas on March 21st and 22nd.

Harvard of the South is a new project that Jeremy, Justin, Matt and Steve Schiltz have been working on for quite  a while. Steve Schitlz has opened for Blue October as Longwave and Hurricane Bells. He also appeared as a guest artist on Any Man In America.

Jeremy has shared several sneak peeks as they have been recording-

You can follow Harvard of the South on their Facebook page and their Twitter account.

I’m really looking forward to hearing the final product!! I’m also hoping that there will be video of their performances in Texas for those of us that can’t be there. (Yes, that was a blatant hint for those of you that will be there- someone get video, please!!)

Oct 28 2013

Backstage Entertainment Interviews Matt Noveskey

Backstage Entertainment talked to Matt about touring, making Sway, fan reaction to Sway, producing other bands, Blue October fans, trashing hotel rooms and much more.

Sep 3 2013

The 2013 Buddy Walk- Liam’s Lions


It’s that time of year again, time for the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas Buddy Walk. The Buddy Walk is on October 27th. The Noveskey’s are raising money for their team, Liam’s Lions. Last year Liam’s Lions raised over $5,700 to benefit the DSACT. This money goes to research, education and advocacy efforts.

How can you help? Well, if you happen to live in the area you can attend the walk on the 27th. For those of us that don’t live in Texas there are two options for helping- you can donate online on the Liam’s Lions page or, if you are going to a concert on the Sway tour, there will be a donation jar at the merchandise table.

 Let’s help the Noveskey’s beat last year’s amount!


Oct 19 2012

Backstage Entertainment interviews Matt Noveskey

Backstage Entertainment interviewed Matt Novesky while they were in Omaha for the quiet mind tour. They talked about the tour, Any Man In America, answered fan questions, and more.

You can see pictures from the interview here.

Oct 8 2012

Help Liam’s Lions Meet Their Goal!

I’m not usually one to post about causes but this little face made it impossible for me not to. This is Liam and he is Matt Novesky’s son. He is the inspiration for Liam’s Lions, which is the name of his team for the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas Buddy Walk. The Buddy Walk is on October 21st and Liam’s Lions has a goal to raise $3000. If you want to donate to their team you can do it in two ways-

  • Visit the merch table at any Blue October concert. They are taking donations there.
  •  If you aren’t able to make it to a concert you can donate online here.

Let’s show Liam and his team a little Blue love!!

Apr 19 2012

The Daily Reveille Q&A with Matt Noveskey

Baton Rouge’s The Daily Reveille talked to Matt about the meaning of Any Man In America, his favorite songs on the album, what to expect at a Blue October show and more.

The Daily Reveille: What is the meaning of “Any Man in America?”

Noveskey: My take on it, the actual title itself means what Justin [Furstenfeld, the band’s singer] experienced and what he’s gone through [with his divorce and ensuing custody battle] can happen to anybody in this country. Because based off the laws of the lack of shared parenting and just the issues we have with the laws when it comes to custody, it can happen to anybody.

We’ve been doing this for so long. We’re not just a band; we’re way more than that. We’re a family. We’ve been through so much together with many ups and downs. … The album definitely reflects life. It’s what we like to call “reality music.” None of it is fictional and none of it is in third person. It’s all very much from [Justin’s] perspective. It’s all relative. When you’re going out touring in support of something that is a snap shot of your life, you live it every day.

TDR: This album has a hip-hop flair to it. What separates it from your past releases?

Noveskey: Besides the actual content, which is vastly different from the other albums, style-wise there is a lot of exploration going on in this record. We just wanted to try some different things and try going in different directions. Hip-hop is actually something that Justin has really been into his whole life. He really wanted to bring that into the band for this record. … To go a new direction is one thing, and he said he wanted to keep it fresh and not just regurgitate the same style over and over again.

Read the entire article here.

Apr 18 2012

Blue October interview with Rock 100.5 The Katt

Justin, Matt and Julian were in the Katt Radio studio in Oklahoma City. They talked about being on the road, putting out a new DVD (!!!),  played Hate Me and more.

Jan 21 2012

Mix 96.1 Interviews Blue October

This interview with Julian, Jeremy and Matt (and Avery! How cute is she?!?)  is from right before the Not So Silent Night Concert in December but was just uploaded. In the interview the talk about performing close to home, what they like to listen to, the success of The Feel Again (Stay) in England, and much more.

p.s.- congrats Matt!!!

Oct 19 2011

10 Questions with Blue October

Philidelphia’s Radio 104.5 selected a fan to ask Blue October 10 questions. Louie D was the lucky winner. (Random side note- I got to meet Louie and his wife when I was in NYC for the acoustic show. They are wonderful people! I love it when dedicated fans get to do stuff like this!!)

Louie sat down with Justin, Julian and Matt and they talked about the Pick Up the Phone tour, The American Coalition for Fathers and Children, being on their own record label, which song they would like to cover, writing songs and much more.

Oct 11 2011

Backstage Entertainment Interviews Matt Noveskey

Backstage Entertainment talked to Matt about Any Man In America, his favorite Blue October song, touring, and more. He also answered great fan questions.

You can see pictures from this interview here.


Sep 15 2011

West Hollywood Patch interview with Matt Noveskey

West Hollywood Patch talked to Matt Noveskey while they were in Los Angeles for the Any Man In America tour. They talked about Any Man In America, Matt’s current favorite bands, and more.

Patch: What is the strangest thing you have ever written a song with?

Noveskey: Justin actually wrote the lyrics to “Ugly Side” on an old pizza box that was littering the floor of our van.

Patch: What has been the most surreal moment of being in Blue October?

Noveskey: Definitely opening for The Rolling Stones

Patch: Who are you favorite bands out today?

Noveskey: Iamdynamite and Band of Horses

Patch: Do you guys have any pre-show rituals?

Noveskey: We always joining hands in a circle and say a short motivational speech followed by us counting down to yelling.

Read the entire article here.

Aug 23 2011

Rdio: Five Questions with Matt Noveskey

Matt Noveskey answered 5 questions for Rdio.

    1. Who do you think is an important musician that most people have never heard of before?
      Blue October bass player, Matt Noveskey: Jeremy Enigk—founder of Sunny Day Real Estate and The Fire Theft. He’s been imitated by legions of musicians and songwriters, many of whom may not even realize it.
    2. If you had access to any record in the world, what would you listen to right now?
      MN: Will Hoge – Blackbird On A Lonely Wire
    3. Which album or artist do you most associate with your childhood?
      MN: Fleetwood Mac or Michael Jackson
    4. We hope people are ______________ when they listen to our music.
      MN: Connected
    5. We were thinking about ______________ when we wrote music for the new album.
      MN: Telling it like it is

Matt also shared a few songs off his current playlist. See which songs made he’s listening to here.