Sep 16 2013

X96 Interviews Justin Furstenfeld

Salt Lake’s X96 interviewed Justin about touring with his family, on how Blue October has changed and much more.

On having his daughter on the bus with him:

“Ever since I was a teenager people would ask me what is your goal in life? To sell a bunch of records and be able get a bus that sits your wife and your kids one day so that when you go out you can go everywhere with them. So now I get to live that dream, it’s hanging out with them and then going and rocking until three in the morning and then hanging out with them again.”

On life right now:

“Things are amazing, I never knew that things could be so good ya know? I think back in 2008 when “Hate Me” blew up, that was a little crazy, that was real crazy. But now we’re starting to feel that whole thing happen again with “Bleed Out” and I think I’m in a lot better place for it to happen. I enjoy life now, I enjoy every day.”

On Depression:

“I came out with songs like “The End” and songs like “Dirt Room” which were great songs, they just- they weren’t connecting. I was taking that depression and that honesty and I was pushing it up so far up everybody’s face that it was like oh god, this guy’s got some crazy ass issues. Which of course I did, but I could have stopped and gone, yeah that’s the song not me. But what’s really cool about now is that I can get on stage and I play them- man all that energy is so much more there and say (whining) look at me! Now it’s just so much passion.

Listen to the whole 15 minute interview here or watch below.

All photes used in this video can be found here.

Jul 15 2013

Blue October to Perform at X96’s Big Ass Show

Blue October will be performing at X96’s Big Ass Show in Salt Lake City on August 24th. Tickets go on sale on Saturday, July 20th. Information about the show and tickets can be found here.


Nov 6 2012

Blue October’s Acoustic Performance for Utah’s X96

Last week when Blue October was here in Salt Lake for the quiet mind tour one of our local radio stations, X96, hosted an acoustic show at The Living Planet Aquarium. I was extremely lucky and got tickets to the event. When I say lucky, I mean it, there were only about 30 people there. It was so cool!

Justin, Ryan and Julian performed three songs- Into the Ocean (so appropriate for an aquarium!) Hate Me and one of their new songs, Light You Up.

Into the Ocean (love the little backstage bit at the beginning of this)

Hate Me

After they performed they signed posters and took pictures with the group.

Here’s my friend Misty and me with the guys.

You can see all pictures from the performance here. You should also check out their pictures from the concert later that evening. You can see those here.

Huge thanks to Anthony and X96 for this amazing opportunity!!